A fun video of Emma Massingale taking the chore out of clipping has gone viral.

The Devon-based trainer was faced with hours of clipping to prepare her Connemaras for a film shoot for an advert this month, so decided to make it more entertaining.

“I hate clipping,” Emma told H&H. “It is the worst job on the planet and because I had loads of it to do, I thought ‘I’m going to make this fun’.”

The video starts with the trio of Connies — Barney, Nahla and Comet — standing together while having their chests and necks trimmed.

Emma then moves on to tracing the outline of her shoe on two of the ponies’ backs, before Barney helpfully lies down and stretches out so she can clip his tummy.

“It was much easier to clip their bellies when they were lying down,” Emma said, adding it also stopped the usual shower of horse hair from going into her eyes.

She added the main point of the film was about having confident, relaxed ponies and to show how it is possible to train horses to do anything when they feel this way.

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The video ends with Emma hanging from a beam while making the finishing touches to one pony’s face.

“It wasn’t that comfortable to hang from,” laughed Emma, who drops out of shot in the final scene.

Meanwhile, another recent film created by Mole Valley Farmers and Emma — with the help of her animals, including Barney — has been nominated for an award at the EQUUS Film Festival in New York (17-19 November).

The film imagines what animals might get up to if they were let loose in a country store and has been nominated for the equestrian commercial (international) category.

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