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I have found myself trying to write this as I walk the cross-country course at the Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials again. I am definitely going to blame H&H if I go the wrong way tomorrow!

It was an early start this morning as Ruth Edge made the plan to walk the course at 6.30am before she headed home. So along with fellow competitor Emily Gilruth, we set off at the crack of dawn. Luckily by then the rain had stopped. Lying in bed in the lorry this morning the rain was so heavy it sounded like the apocalypse! The ground has taken the rain brilliantly and it has certainly improved as the hot day yesterday had dried it out.

We then had some young horses in the Burghley Young Event Horse class. Both of mine went really well, just went a little green in the atmosphere. However, I am not too worried as hopefully this will not be the pinnacle of their careers…! I have the big ones in mind for both, especially the grey mare, Perkel, who I really rate.

I gave my Burghley ride Galley Light a quick jump this afternoon and he felt great. You know when you are at a big one when you need to get your blood up to jump the practice fences!

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So I am now off to walk the course with Yogi Breisner to see what he thinks. There are still a couple of combinations that I am undecided as to which route I am taking. Given that I am so early on I need to have a plan in my head before I head out the start box.

So we will see how tomorrow goes and hopefully my video interview afterwards will be a positive one. If not I may refuse to appear!