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Right, firstly please excuse any spelling mistakes as I am writing this as I walk around the cross-country course at the Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials for the second time today — ‘multitasking’.

Firstly the trot-up. I was very upset not to get into the H&H top 15 flirty outfits — I thought that my blog would give me a definite advantage!

Ben Way riding GALLEY LIGHT during the 1st Vet Check at The Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials near Stamford in Lincolnshire UK on 31st August 2016

Galley and I at the first trot-up

Onto my dressage test today with Galley Light. Well, f*****g dressage! I was really pleased with the majority of his work. He dropped behind my leg in the last part of the canter work so we properly fluffed the last two flying-changes, which was very expensive. The rest of his work was a huge improvement on last year. There has been a notable variance in some of the marks, and the judge at C was not my biggest fan! I think I need to change my name from Ben to Bettina!

Ben Way riding GALLEY LIGHT during the dressage phase of The Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials near Stamford in Lincolnshire UK on 1st September 2016

Walking round the cross-country course, it’s very much ‘Burghley’. The Cottesmore Leap gets no smaller nor does the drop at the Leaf Pit! I think that the Dairy Mound is going to be this year’s very influential fence. It’s one of those that you walk up and think why would would a horse go and jump that or you? Saturday is going to be interesting…!

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I would like to say that my girlfriend Sarah and I are going to have a day off tomorrow. But mum is bringing the young horses up for the Burghley Young Event Horse class so it’s going to be another busy one!

It has taken me the whole course walk to write this so it’s about time for me to hit the showers and head to the drinks party…