What to wear for affiliated showjumping competitions

Competitors must be dressed in correct riding clothes including jackets whenever they enter the arena.


  • Competitors may wear traditionally or new-styled jackets in the arena
  • New style jackets for riders ranked 1-250 on BSJA Riders Ranking list no. 296 and all lists thereafter…
    • riders can register their own, sponsors and owners colours. Two base colours are allowed, with different coloured piping. (must be approved by the BSJA)
    • colours are unique – no riders may ride in colours already registered
    • no more than one set of colours per person to be registered
    • up to 3 sponsor logos can be put on the right hand sleeve, and one on breast pocket.
    • BSJA logo to appear on all left hand jacket sleeves
  • New style jackets for riders ranked 251 and below on BSJA Rider Rankings list no. 296 and all lists thereafter…
    • choice of six colours – black, navy, grey, brown, dark green and burgundy
    • to be in one colour, or one colour with a panel
    • piping can be in white or a complimentary colour
  • In hot weather, riders may be allowed to compete without jackets.
    white long or short sleeved shirts must be worn, and ties must be firmly secured
  • The following jacket colours are reserved for members of the British Nations Cup Team or Championship team…
    • Dark blue
    • Red collar with white piping
    • Red trim above pockets
    • Brass buttons


  • White or pastel coloured only, with white collars
  • To be worn with ties or hunting stocks
  • Ladies only may wear white or pastel coloured showjumping shirts with high white collars, and without a tie or stock.
  • Coloured ties or stocks may be worn with hacking jackets
  • Junior members who are also Pony Club members may wear the Pony Club tie regardless of jacket colour


  • Must be white, pale yellow or fawn coloured


  • Traditional style riding or jodhpur boots
  • Plain black or brown leather gaiters, cut in traditional riding boot style
  • Suede chaps to match boot colour may only be worn by juniors, in black or brown only


  • Optional

Body Protectors

  • Optional

Not permitted

  • Polo necks
  • Chaps
  • Half chaps


  • Protective headgear must be worn at all times when riding, with the harness securely fastened.
  • Hats must meet standards EN1384, ASTMF 1163, PAS 015 or SNELL E2001, with kitemark or SEI.
  • Separate covers should be peaked, plain dark coloured, registered colours or colours to co-ordinate with the jacket.
  • Multi-coloured/multi-patterned hats are not permitted


  • Only to be worn in the traditionally correct way – curve of neck of spur directed downwards
  • No spurs with necks in excess of 3cms long
  • No spurs with necks set on the inside of the heel
  • No spurs with rowel diameters in excess of 1cm
  • No spurs with roughened or cutting edges
  • No serrated spurs
  • For pony classes, spurs with necks must not exceed 2cms long, and they are not to be pointed, sharp or rowelled
  • Plastic spurs are not allowed

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