Expert advice from Di Lampard on introducing a young horse to gridwork

Q: What heights would you set fences in a grid for training a young horse?

Di Lampard replies:It depends on the horse’s capabilities, but I would always start off with a jump no less than 2ft high with a good ground line.

Crosspoles are good to start a young horse off, as they aim him at the middle of the fence. I would then build up the height to 2ft 9ins or 3ft in the grids.

With a horse which needed re-schooling, I would still use crosspoles but make them higher – about 3ft in the centre.

The aim of a grid is to gain a horse’s confidence and teachhim to go slowly and absorb what he is doing.

The only way to do this is by lots of trot work in the early stages. This encourages him to drop his head and look at the poles on the floor, which in turn helps him to judge the height and width of the fences.

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