BroomRaker stable cleaning tool: ‘A good, compact size for travelling’ *Score 5/10*

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  • BroomRaker stable cleaning tool


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    Official description: BroomRaker stable cleaning tool

    The BroomRaker is a unique and innovative product that is new to the market – it’s a dual-purpose tool for your trailer, stable, yard and garden. It is also the only tool designed to fit and clean the grooves on the Ifor Williams horse trailers. A recyclable and sustainable, lightweight, robust product that has been designed, developed and manufactured in Britain. This high-quality broom/rake combination is a great all-round tool, eliminating the need for two separate tools.
    Handle length: 115cm
    Head width: 30.6cm
    Buy at broomraker.co.uk

    First impressions

    This broom-come-rake looked really useful. It was a compact space-saving size, which would make it good for travelling. I also liked that it was recyclable.

    Overview of performance

    The broom part was OK and swept sufficiently, but the rake didn’t work very well. The prongs are quite far apart as they’re designed to fit in the grooves of a particular type of rubber matting – I’m sure it does a great job of clearing these, but as an everyday rake the gaps are too wide. The broom worked best when you were sweeping forwards away from you and for smaller areas.

    Lisa’s likes and dislikes

    The size and concept is good if you’re going to take it travelling, but it’s too small to use as an everyday yard broom and the rake didn’t work as well as I had hoped. It’s a nice, compact size and easy to store but I wouldn’t buy to use on the yard and felt the handle is too short for regular daily use.


    A handy addition to your travelling kit, but not ideal for daily yard use.

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