Our reviewer received plenty of compliments around the yard about these quality and stylish breeches.

Product Overview

Overall rating:

Score 9

Cavallo Caja Grip breeches

Value for money:8/10


  • Helps you feel secure in the saddle
  • Comfortable, easy to get on and off
  • Helps keep you cool in high temperatures
  • Smart and flattering
  • Useful pockets to hold phone, money, keys etc


  • Could be a little more generous around the waist, though fine for me.


Ultra-flattering breeches that keep you cool


Price as reviewed:


On first impression the Cavallo Caja Grip breeches immediately strike you as high quality breeches, that feel nice and look smart. I am not one of those lucky people whose legs look even slightly good in breeches, but even I wasn’t too dismayed when I saw them in the mirror. The olive green colour is both smart and practical — horse slobber and dirt was barely noticeable.

They feature two pockets, big enough to hold an iphone, which is incredibly useful, although not always the most comfortable when you actually have the pockets full. However, these pockets were angled in such a way that having items in them doesn’t feel awkward or restricting, even when sitting in the saddle. In fact, I actually forgot I had my phone on me. However, the pockets are so generous it could be tempting to squeeze too much in – if you had a bigger phone than the iphone 6 it may be uncomfortable on your thigh while riding.

These breeches were extremely pleasant to wear, and also looked nice. They were easy to get on (not always the case with breeches!) and only slightly harder to pull off (I was sweaty!). They felt flexible and did not restrict movement in any way.

I wore these breeches to ride on an extremely hot summer’s day, and noticed that I didn’t feel as hot and bothered as I usually do while riding in the heat. The breathable fabric is designed regulate body temperature, and I feel as though this lived up to the claim as they certainly helped me stay cool even in plus-30 degree heat.

The cavagrip full seat certainly helped me feel secure in the saddle which was welcome as, having not ridden for several months beforehand, it was shocking how much stability I had lost in my seat.

These breeches are true to size in my opinion. I have ‘generous’ thighs and hips, but a small waist and although I did need a belt with these, I could have managed without one as they did not gape at the waist like many brands do. However, someone with a lesser hip to waist ratio may find the Cavallo Caja Grip breeches are a little tight around the waist.


A high quality pair of breeches, that look and feel good. Particularly useful in warm weather due to the temperature regulating fibres.