New supplement from Saracen to fight gastric ulcers

  • Saracen Horse Feeds has brought out a supplement, RiteTrac, to alleviate the symptoms of gastric ulcers in horses.

    An estimated 90% of horses suffer from gastric ulceration at some stage in their lives.

    Recent research has shown that more than 60% of performance horses suffer from colonic ulcers, and that 54% of performance horses have been found to have both gastric and colonic ulcers simultaneously.

    RiteTrac has been created to work in two ways — to protect the sensitive stomach lining from damage caused by gastric acid, and to maintain a normal pH in the hindgut.

    Symptoms of gastric problems can include loss of appetite, weight loss, colic, poor coat condition, hot or unsettled behaviour, poor growth in young horses and stable vices such as wood chewing, box walking and weaving.

    The manufacturers claim that the antacids contained in RiteTrac “rapidly neutralise the acid secreted in the stomach, providing a more pH-neutral environment between meals, which helps to play a significant role in alleviating clinical signs in horses with severe ulceration, thus promoting good stomach health”.

    RiteTrac also contains the ingredient EquiShure, a product designed to protect the hindgut.

    This helps to prevent the drastic drop in pH when horses consume significant amounts of soluble carbohydrates, present in lush pasture and cereals, which then ferment in the hindgut and can lead to a number of serious conditions, including laminitis and colic.

    RiteTrac is aimed as a supplement for those hoses that are at risk of gastric and colonic ulcers, those on high cereal diets and on lush pastures, as well as those susceptible to laminitis and mild colic.

    It can also be fed to horses of all ages that are undergoing stressful situations such as travel, show or sale preparation and weaning.

    Available in 3kg and 6kg tubs, at a RRP of £90.44 and £157.65 respectively

    For further information or nutritional advice www.saracenhorsefeeds.com, tel: 01622 718487

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