Horse dies following neglect: Woman fined

  • A woman from Scotland has been fined for failing to provide adequate nutrition to her horse, which later died.

    Amanda Jane McGunnigle, 44, of Eastfield Road, Fauldhouse, in West Lothian, was sentenced at Livingston Sheriff Court yesterday (Tuesday 4 November). She was fined £550.

    The conviction follows a Scottish SPCA investigation.

    At a court appearance on 29 September, Ms McGunnigle pled guilty to failing to provide a suitable diet and adequate nutrition for her 26-year-old thoroughbred gelding named Andi.

    Bella's hoof

    Bella’s hoof

    She also admitted failing to provide adequate farrier attention for Andi, as well as her 14-year-old Belgian draft mare named Bella.

    Ms McGunnigle admitted further charges of failing to protect both horses from injury and suffering, failing to allow them to exhibit normal behaviour patterns and, on at least one occasion, tethering both horses inadequately and failing to provide water.

    “When we arrived we found Andi and Bella tied up in a boggy, unfenced field with no drinking water available,” said Inspector Jennifer Surgeon.

    “Andi was thin and weak, with all ribs, vertebrae and pelvic bones clearly visible.”

    The horse was given a body score of one out of five by the vet who examined him. One on the scale is emaciated and five is obese.


    Bella has since been rehomed

    “The way Andi was tethered was completely inadequate and he could easily have broken free and come to harm on nearby roads,” added Inspector Surgeon.

    “Bella was tangled up in the rope that had been used to tether her and it was pulling tightly on her headcollar, resulting in her being unable to move. She also had a severe crack to her left hind hoof that needed farrier attention.”

    Andi died shortly after being taken in by the SSPCA. Bella has since been rehomed.

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