How good a ‘virtual’ rider are you? Test yourself with our horse jumping game, the NAF Superflex Raise The Bar Jumping Challenge. In our fun online jumping game, you test yourself against a ‘six-bar’ style class, with jumps of ascending height to be cleared successfully. You can play this game at any time and see how you do against others on the leader board.

Find out why top riders chose NAF Superflex for their horses

Horse jumping games: how to play

For advice on how to play the NAF Superflex Raise The Bar Jumping Challenge, click on the info button above or read the following instructions.

  • Click play, and you will get instructions explaining what is required in the first round, plus the options to personalise your horse and rider
  • At first only a few personalisation options are available. As you earn points, more personalisation options will be unlocked
  • Click play, then watch your horse and rider to walk on to the screen
  • Wait until the bar at the bottom of the screen appears
  • Click once to start the game
  • Watch the marker run across the bar at the bottom of the screen
  • Click to stop the marker as close to the centre of the bar as you can
  • If you stop the marker between the middle two arrows, you will jump clear
  • If you stop the marker between the outer arrows your horse and rider will attempt the jump but won’t clear it. This earns you less points
  • If you miss the outer markers completely or don’t click then your horse will refuse the jump and you will be eliminated

When you finish jumping you will be given your score and the option to add yourself to the leaderboard. Good luck! And don’t forget to share your score with your friends on facebook or twitter after you’ve finished playing our great horse jumping games.