6 ways to save money on your livery bill

  • With the rising costs of keeping a horse, it is inevitable that people are reassessing their livery yard situation and questioning whether they really need all the facilities they are paying for, or whether they can still afford the commute to their ideal yard.

    But before you consider the upheaval of moving somewhere cheaper, take a look at our guide to saving money where you are.

    6 ways to save money on your livery bill

    1. Bulk orders

      • Clubbing together with other liveries to buy feed and bedding may be a way to secure discounts.
      • Arranging to get the farrier and vet out on the same day could save you money on call-out charges.
    2. Share lifts

      • With soaring fuel prices, the cost of commuting needs to be considered.
      • See if liveries that live near to you would be willing to share lifts to the yard.
      • The same rule applies when travelling for lessons and competitions.
    3. Ditch your trailer or lorry

      • Ask around your yard to see if anyone is able to buy into a share.
      • Or look into the cost and availability of hiring a horsebox or trailer.
    4. DIY or part-livery

      • Reassess whether you could take on more responsibility. Richard Neild of Smiths Green livery in Cheshire says he has seen a definite increase in DIY livery, with over 70% of his clients choosing this option.
      • But make sure you ask yourself whether you will have enough time to deal with day-to-day care on top of other commitments such as work and family.
      • “Making the leap from being on a livery yard to renting a private field will have a big impact on your daily life,” warns Rachel Angell at Redwings.
    5. Turnout

      • Ask yourself — and your vet — if your horse could live out 24/7. Our horses are tougher than we often think.
      • Sarah Jenkins has three horses and a lack of turnout prompted her to move yards. “The amount of time they were being kept stabled was costing me a fortune in bedding, haylage, feed and supplements,” she says.
    6. Help out

      • Explore the option of helping out around the yard in exchange for a discount on your livery bill.
      • Particularly keep a look out for seasonal jobs such as spring cleaning and painting, repairing fencing or rug cleaning.

    Do you have any tips for saving money at your yard? Let us know via the Facebook comments below…

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