Saying goodbye to a much-loved family friend is one of the hardest things an owner faces.

For some people the option of burying their pet at home is not possible, especially with horses or very large dogs. Instead an increasing number of pet owners are using pet cemeteries or crematoriums.

Most offer a range of options to suit all budgets and tastes, but more importantly they offer owners the chance to give their pets a fitting tribute.

Dealing with the aftermath of a pet’s death can be traumatic, but many services cater for all your needs and most offer some form of bereavement counselling.

Whether you are simply looking for a discreet and simple service, or want to give your pet an elaborate service, the following will be able to help decide what is right for you.

The Association of Private Pet Cemeteries & Crematoria (APPCC) has a standard code of practise that covers pet cremations and burials and is currently the only organisation in the UK setting standards for cremation. Where a service is described as either a cremation or burial, it will offer the following:

  • The sympathetic handling of the pet at all times
  • The burial or cremation carried out according to the legal requirement of the country
  • The committal of the body or the ashes to a particular area intended for that purpose, or in cremation the return of the ashes to the owner

For a full list of APPCC associated members visit

The Cambridge Pet Crematorium (CPC)

A personal and swift service returning your companion’s ashes back to you in a beautiful casket within three days.
The CPC offer either individualor communal cremation for all animals from small pets to horses. They also offer a pre-payment service that allows you to spread the cost over six months as well as a garden of remembrance and internment and scattering service.

For more information contact the CPC (tel: 01763 207700) or visit:

Pet Cemetery and Crematorium

This family-owned business has been open since 1988 and has two sites covering the north of England
They are able to offer individual and simple cremations as well as burials, and have the facilities to deal with both small and large animals including horses.

For more information contact the Pet Cemetery and Crematorium (tel: 01772 622466 or 0161 775 5707) or visit:

Rossendale Pet Crematorium and Memorial Gardens

They aim to provide bereaved pet owners with the best and widest options in coping with the death of their pets and with their own sense of loss.
They offer simple and private cremations, as well as burials. Their chapel of rest is open Monday to Saturday andthere are memorial gardens for visitors to wander through and erect a headstone if they wish.

Fore more information contact the Rossendale Pet Crematorium and Memorial Gardens (tel: 01706 213810) or

Broadland Hygienic Pet Cremations

They aim to offer a dignified and respectful farewell to your pet at an affordable price.
Provide a cremation service from small pets to large horses and their prices include the return of your pet’s ashes in an oak veneer casket.
Prices start at £15 + VAT.

For more information contact Broadland Hygienic Pet Cremations (tel: 01692 670604) or visit:

Equine Cremation Services

They offer horse owners the opportunity of being able to bring their much missed friend home.
Horses are individually cremated and theirashes returned either loose for scattering or in a casket alongside their shoes which will have been hand cleaned and polished.

For more information contact Equine Cremation Services (tel: 01483 505524) or visit:

Equine Farewells

This company offers a complete disposal and funeral service, including euthanasia through one a caring and professional point of contact.
They offer a variety of services, including individual and shared cremations, burial as well as a straight disposal service.

For more information contact Equine Farewells (tel: 0871 7179808) or visit: