Getting horse insurance right — or wrong — can make a huge difference to both your horse’s welfare and your monthly outgoings. So how can you ensure you aren’t spending more than you need to, but still have the cover you require?

Here’s H&H’s tips for getting the most out of your horse insurance policy:

  1. When choosing your policy, ensure any short-term saving on your premium won’t cause you long-term problems
  2. ALWAYS read the small print and familiarise yourself with your policy’s terms and conditions. Confused? Discuss with your insurer
  3. Make sure your horse has the right level of cover, but don’t insure him for activities he won’t be competing in. Target your insurance for the best value
  4. Two savvy ways to save on your premium without compromising your horse’s well-being are to consider taking out a higher excess and, if you have owned your horse for a year or longer and have loss of use cover, consider dropping that part of your policy
  5. Always keep an open line of dialogue with your insurer if your horse is ill/undergoing treatment.
  6. If you are buying a new horse, ALWAYS get him vetted. It’s almost a form of insurance in itself

Visit our insurance comparison website Horse & Hound Compare — our simple to use comparison offers a range of products to choose from to suit your needs