Coping with a cast horse

  • Most horses become cast by rolling into a corner. However, occasionally they may get stuck due to rolling as a result of colic.

    Other reasons could include:

    • An injury which is preventing the horse from rising
    • Stiffness in old, arthritic horses or ponies

    Helping a cast horse stand

    Righting a cast horse involves pulling the animal over, away from the wall. Remember even a horse you know well can panic and struggle, regardless of anyone in the way.

    Try the following:

    • Gather together enough strong people
    • Loop lunge lines or long ropes just above or below the fetlock on the front and hind limb nearest the wall
    • Pull on both back and front legs to move the horse away from the wall.
    • Move out of the way quickly to avoid injury as the horse stands.
    • Make sure that you allow the horse to get up on its own, then carefully remove the ropes and offer plenty of reassurance
    • Check for possible injuries and symptoms of colic once the horse is up

    If a horse becomes cast regularly:

    • Try a larger stable
    • Use an anti-cast roller
    • Increase the banks of your horse’s bed
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