The ideal foaling box

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    The mare should foal in a larger than average box. The foaling box should be at least four metres by four metres and have a floor that can be easily cleaned and disinfected. The box should have been recently cleaned out and well ventilated but free from draughts.

    There must be plenty of good quality bedding. High quality, clean straw is the ideal bedding for a foaling box as it won’t stick to the wet, new-born foal or to the mare. Stable dust must be kept to a minimum.

    There should be a window through which you can see all parts of the box. Some foaling boxes have special one-way glass so the mare does not know she is being observed.

    A camera connected to a monitor in a room away from the box is used on many breeding farms to allow the mare to be watched without disturbing her. Ideally, the box can be entered from a covered area, preferably an adjoining passage or room.

    It is important that the box is well lit and quiet. Some from of heating and insulation is ideal. This is especially useful for weak foals. The walls and ceiling should be insulated to reduce heat loss as far as possible.

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