Feeding a mare in-foal

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    Feeding a mare in-foal to ensure you are meeting her nutritional needs is a vital part of breeding. Bloodlines alone does not produce a top quality competition horse — nutrition plays a major role, too

    Feeding tips for mares in-foal:

    • Maintenance feeds are low in energy and protein and high in fibre. Stud feeds are usually high energy, 15% or 16% protein and lower in fibre
    • Overfeeding in late pregnancy has been associated with poor subsequent fertility, therefore it will pay to continually watch your mare’s weight
    • Any attempt to slim down a fat mare during her pregnancy should be done in the first eight months and not in the final three months of gestation. Otherwise, her health and fertility after foaling could be affected
    • While there is little scientific evidence to show that fat mares have more difficulty foaling, they will always be less active, and their poorer muscle tone could affect the expulsion of the placenta

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