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If you were offered a blank cheque for your best horse, would you pocket it and run, or turn it down in the hope of fulfilling a lifelong ambition?

Five questions to ask yourself to help make the decision

  • Take emotion out of the equation and ask yourself if you can really afford to turn down the money.
  • As far as you can tell, and barring accidents, is the horse’s conformation conducive to long-term soundness?
  • What are your aspirations in the sport – will you be content producing another horse or do you really want to go further up the ladder with this one?
  • Can you afford to insure a horse that’s now worth a lot of money? If your horse’s value doubles in the space of a year, chances are your insurance premium will too.
  • Would you be happy watching somebody else reaping the rewards of your hard work or kick yourself that it’s not you in the saddle?

For the full feature on whether or not to sell your horse, see the current issue of Horse & Hound (14 July, 2011)

Learn more about buying and selling horses