Performance-boosting supplements: what’s on the market?

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  • Performance-boosting supplements for horses can have a wide variety of purposes. A common aim is the support of energy production and metabolism, which will help your horse utilise most efficiently the energy available to him, making it easier for him to produce his best possible performance. If you are looking at feeding a supplement of this type to your horse, it’s important to acknowledge that while it can help to horse to function and perform at his best, it’s not going to turn him into a world-beater overnight or solve any underlying veterinary problems.

    If you compete with your horse then it is important you make sure any supplements you use do not contain any prohibited substances.

    Browse the wide range of performance supplements for horses that are currently available below in our alphabetical list, which includes the manufacturers’ descriptions of their products…

    Cavalor An Energy Boost

    Cavalor performance supplements for horses

    This oral paste is a mix of high quality electrolytes, vitamins, amino acids, sugars and salt, which has been developed for horses that have to deliver brief and powerful top performances.
    £56 for six 50g syringes
    01352 763350

    Dengie Performance Vits & Mins

    Dengie performance supplements for horses

    This vitamin and mineral supplement will help you ensure your horse is receiving a balanced diet so he can perform at his best.
    £19.96 for 2kg
    01621 841188

    Equilibrium Products Simplyboost Energy

    Equilibrium Products performance supplements for horses

    This targeted boost of vitamin B12 supports the production of energy, making it ideal to maintain energy levels during competition or for horses that need an extra boost when feeling fatigued.
    £9.95 for 500ml
    01442 879115

    Equine America Buteless Super Strength Powder

    Equine America performance supplements for horses

    A blend of high quality botanicals packed with antioxidants that provides support to soothe joints, muscles and tendons after work.
    £54.99 for 1.5kg
    01403 255809

    Equitop Myoplast

    Equitop performance supplements for horses

    A unique amino acid supplement specifically designed to support lean muscle growth, which helps horses to respond and cope with the demands of training.
    £70 for 1.5kg
    01344 746957

    Feedmark Clarity


    The powerful blend of herbs in this supplement soothes and supports the respiratory tract, promoting clear airways and healthy lung function.
    £43.99 for 1.75kg
    0800 585525

    Foran Equine Refuel Gel

    Foran Equine performance supplements for horses

    A concentrated and balanced electrolyte gel – with added B, C and E vitamins – that replaces electrolytes lost through sweating to aid rehydration, appetite and recovery.
    £6.95 for one 30ml syringe
    +353 (0) 1626 8058

    Global Herbs Restore Liquid

    Global Herbs performance supplements for horses

    This quick-acting formula helps to maintain peak condition, support efficient digestion and bring out natural shine. It contains specific liver tonic herbs that target metabolism.
    £21.50 for 500ml
    01243 773363

    Horse First Cuppra

    Horse First performance supplements for horses

    This high-copper tonic is designed to support conditioning, bone development, iron absorption and a shiny, healthy coat.
    £14.95 for 1l
    028 3084 8844

    NAF Five Star Respirator Boost

    NAF performance supplements for horses

    This supplement supports the respiratory mucosal immune system and capillaries surrounding the lungs. It contains a concentrated solution of natural anti-oxidants and herbs.
    £19.99 for 500ml
    0800 373106

    Nettex Electrolyte Syringe Paste Boost

    Nettex performance supplements for horses

    A  formulation with no added sugar that rapidly replaces vital salts lost through sweating brought on through strenuous exercise, travelling or stress-related conditions.
    £22.50 for three 30ml syringes
    01283 524222

    Nupafeed Staying Power

    Nupafeed performance supplements for horses

    This liquid formula supports a healthy energy metabolism, muscle development and recovery, helping your horse work harder for longer.
    £44 for 1l
    01438 861900

    Rowen Barbary Power

    Rowen Barbary

    This supplement contains a specifically formulated blend of micro nutrients to help boost the immune system, which will be useful for horses working hard at any time of year.
    £12.30 per 750g
    01948 880598

    Science Supplements EnerGex

    Science Supplements performance supplements for horses

    This safe source of carbohydrate can be use before, during and following exercise to support energy delivery, or as an energy booster in lethargic horses.
    £10.99 for one 60g syringe
    0345 5046940

    TopSpec Electrolyes

    TopSpec performance supplements for horses

    Flavoured with wild fruit berries, these electrolytes are designed to help compensate for electrolyte loss after heavy sweating and help maintain peak performance.
    £24.50 for 3kg
    01845 565030

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