Joint supplements: what’s on the market this spring?

At this time of year, your horse’s joints may be feeling the effects of having spent more time in the stable over the winter, followed by turnout on increasingly firm ground as many paddocks have gone from swamp-like to decidedly firm in what feels like a matter of just days. So if you want to provide additional nutritional support, a joint supplement could help combat stiffness by supporting normal and healthy joint function, keeping your horse comfortable and moving at his best.

Common ingredients found in joint supplements include:

  • glucosamine
  • MSM (methyl sulphonyl methane)
  • HA (hyaluronic acid)

If you compete with your horse then it is important you make sure any supplements you use do not contain any prohibited substances.

Browse the wide range of joint health supplements that are currently available below in our alphabetical list, which includes the manufacturers’ descriptions of their products…

Aviform Suppleaze Gold

Containing no filling or bulking ingredients, this joint supplement uses high levels of glucosamine HCL and chondroitin, and can be fed long term.

£43.95 for 600g


01953 528008

Betta Life PharmaQuin Joint Complete HA

This high-specification formula contains a 10:10:4 ratio of glucosamine HCL, MSM and chondroitin, with no additives or bulking agents.

£67.50 for 1kg


01937 580 782

Blue Chip Joint-RLF

This supplement contains 100% natural ingredients that help to nourish the joints and maintain joint comfort.

£39.95 for 1 litre


0114 266 6200

Cavalor Arti Motion

This supplement helps to maintain healthy and flexible joints in all horses, whether going through a growth phase, in their senior years or in hard competition work.

£95.95 for 2kg


01352 763350

Dodson & Horrell Joint Support

A pelleted supplement that supports the nutritional maintenance of your horse’s musculoskeletal system, designed to support healthy joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments.

£35 for 1.5kg


01832 737300

Elite Equine organic rosehip

This supplement is made of 100% organic rosehip, which provides a spring boost for any sport horse.

£38 for 1kg


07951 999235

Equine America Cortaflex HA Regular Powder

This is designed for the nutritional support of healthy joints in horses in light to moderate work, or older horses needing a extra mobility support to maintain joint health and comfort.

£21.99 for 250g


01403 255809

Equine Products UK Flexivite HA

This liquid supplement provides a unique combination of biologically active substances to maintain joint suppleness, enhance lubrication, shock absorption and elasticity.

From £55.72 for 1 litre


0191 264 5536

Equitop GLME

Equitop GLME contains high quality green-lipped mussel extract (GLME), which provides nutrients to support optimal joint health and function.

£70 for 750g


01344 749657

Feedmark Best-Flex HA

This proven supplement contains high levels of joint-supporting nutrients to optimise your horse’s mobility, comfort and performance.

£71.99 for 2.7kg


0800 585525

Foran Equine Ost-O-Flex

This syrup helps to maintain joint mobility and health. It contains glucosamine, MSM and marine collagen.

£57.95 for 1 litre


+353 (0) 1626 8058

Global Herbs Hocks

This herbal blend is formulated to maintain your horse’s comfort, bone strength, density and joint lubrication, while helping to increase suppleness.

£40.30 for 1kg


01243 773363

The Golden Paste Company TurmerAid

An ideal supplement for horses retuning to training and competing after a winter of reduced activity.

£19.99 for 2kg


01423 503319

Hack Up Bespoke

A bespoke formulation that targets joints would include plant-based glucosamine, an extract of frankincense (boswellia), ginger and turmeric.

£49.99 for 1kg


01359 308866

Horse First My Joints Plus

An advanced mobility supplement formulated for complete care and support of the joints, tendons and ligaments ahead of the competition season.

£35 for 750g


028 3084 8844

NAF Five Star Superflex Senior

Provides a high specification of the key joint support nutrients that work in synergy with omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants to support healthy, flexible joints in older active horses.

£30.99 for 660g


0800 373106

Nettex VIP So Sound

A no added sugar formulation that contains advanced isolate technology joint support to maximise mobility, flexibility and comfort.

£77.53 for 2kg


01283 524222

Nupafeed Flex GLM

This supplement supports healthy joints and will help ensure your horse’s comfort and performance as work load increases and the ground begins to harden.

£49 for 2kg


01438 861900

Plusvital Flex Supp

This supplement combines glucosamine, chondroitin sulphate, MSM and rosehip with antioxidants to support the mobility and joint health of the performance horse.

£72.50 for 90g


+353 (0) 860252678 

Rowen Barbary Supple

This supplement contains the five most highly effective ingredients associated with improving joint mobility to help ensure optimum joint health and flexibility.

£26 per 750g


01948 880598

Science Supplements FlexAbility Plus+

The only joint supplement in the UK with a published peer-reviewed paper in The Journal of Equine Veterinary Science, it contains optimum levels of scientifically proven ingredients.

£59.99 for 1.7kg


0345 5046940

TopSpec 10:10 Joint Support

This caramel-flavoured supplement includes a generous combination of natural sources of glucosamine and MSM to help maintain health in and around joints.

£59.50 for 3kg


01845 565030

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