11 times in life when your horse is your best friend

  • Our horses are often more like family than friends, and there are certain times when  they really do help us to overcome the most difficult hardships and struggles.

    Here are 11 times in life when your horse really is your best mate…

    1. When you’ve had a bad day at the office

    A good blast on your horse after that uncomfortable meeting you were dreading or a manic day behind the desk can be the best medicine and can leave you feeling like a new person ready to take on tomorrow.

    2. When you move away from home

    When you’re suddenly thrust into a new setting with new surroundings and faces to navigate it can be settling to have one person — your horse — that you know.

    3. When you break up with someone

    Who needs a signifcant other when you’ve got your horse? Plus, unlike your friends, your horse is unlikely to give the ‘I told you so speech when you cry to him.

    4. When your child goes away to study

    You’ve spent the last two decades caring for your children so when they leave home you can suddenly feel at a loss. This is when a horse can definitely fill a hole and give you a well-needed focus.

    5. When you get furloughed

    With so much free time, many of us bonded with our horses during lockdown after spending some precious extra hours at the yard.

    6. When you have a fall out

    An argument at home or with friends can leave you feeling lonely. But a quick nuzzle from your horse over the stable door and you quickly realise that you’re never really alone.

    7. When you feel stressed or anxious

    Horses are great listeners and a peaceful hack after a stressful day can melt away all of your troubles so you feel ready to take on any situation head on.

    8. When you feel like you have no other friends

    Human relationships deteriorate but your horse will love you unconditionally and will not de-friend you for any reason whatsoever.

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    9. When you’re feeling adventurous

    Fancy getting out and exploring the big wide world? Saddle up and head out for an adventure with you horse — you won’t regret it.

    10. When you’re out of work or retired

    Life slows down a little bit, so it’s lovely to have a partner in crime to wander across the countryside and take in the surrondings with.

    11. When just feel sad

    Feeling teary? Grab a chunk of mane and settle in for a long cuddle. Instant mood lift.

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