Protect your horse’s legs without overheating

Looking for boots that give your horse’s legs good protection without letting them get too hot? Take a look at our pick of the market's best air cool brushing boots.

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BR Air Tech tendon boots


These high quality tendon boots will keep your horse’s legs dry and not too hot without compromising their protection. This is achieved through the air ducts of the breathable neoprene and the air vents in the strong plastic tendon protector. These boots are durable, machine washable, non-slip and look very professional.

RRP: £39.95

Visit: www.BR.nl


Premier Equine Air Trax Eventing Boots

X BEST AIR COOLED BRUSHING BOOTS Premier Equine Air Trax Eventing Front Boots Brown                      

For those of you that like the leather look and keen to keep your horse’s legs as cool as possible these are the boots for you. They feature perforated microfibre leather that allows 360º breathability eliminating overheating of the legs. These boots are great for cross-country as they offer all round strike protection.

RRP: From £55.99

Visit: www.naylors.com


Woof Wear Smart Event boots

X BEST AIR COOLED BRUSHING BOOTS Front Smart Event Boot (Outside)

Designed for use during high intensity disciplines, particularly cross-country. These boots provide allround protection to the legs whilst the breathable neoprene lining and vented PU shells allow air circulation around tendons and ligaments. These air cool boots are great for when brushing boots need to be worn for long periods of time, such as out hunting.

RRP: £65.00

Visit: www.woofwear.com


Tri-Zone All Sport Boots


Laboratory tests have proven that the materials used in these boots allow heat to successfully escape from the leg. This is achieved by a combination of breathable layers creating a lightweight, air cool and comfortable boot. These boots are perfect for competition or everyday use and are easy to wash and dry.

RRP: £39.95

Visit: http://www.equilibriumproducts.com/where-to-buy/online-stockists/


LeMieux Prosport Stealth Air XC Mark III Boots

X BEST AIR COOLED BRUSHING BOOTS LeMieux Prosport Stealth Air XC Mark III Front Boots Black

These ruthlessly efficient cross-country boots tick all the boxes, lightweight, breathable, protective and comfortable for the horses leg. Beautifully designed for strength and optimum strike protection. Perforated high tensile mesh gives 360° ventilation cooling tendons and allow heat to easily escape to keep the legs cool.

RRP: From £44.95

Visit: www.naylors.com


Felix Bühler Airflow Boots

Felix Buhler - squish new

Felix Bühler haves create an open front, breathable and chic looking boot perfect for showjumping. Vents in the lining and the hard shell ensure good air circulation to the leg. Other features include an impact-resistant, shock-absorbing outer shell and soft chloroprene rubber lining.

RRP: From £24.90

Visit: www.kramer.co.uk   


Woof Wear Smart Showjumping boots


These boots from Woof Wear are smart by name and smart by nature. They combine D3O® technology with breathable neoprene and a vented shell to provide exceptional protection to the tendons and allow airflow to/from the lower leg. Look smart at any competition while keeping your horse’s legs protected and cool, with these boots.

RRP: Tendon £60

Fetlock £40

Visit: www.woofwear.com


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