Beating box rest boredom: 10 products to help your horse

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  • For horses confined to their stable and owners wanting to spend the best possible time with them, we bring you our pick of products to help keep your box-rested horse happy

    Horses that are stuck in their stable on box rest can be prone to problems bought about by a lack of exercise, loneliness and boredom. As a result, this can lead to problems such as box walking, weaving, crib biting, muscle wastage and a generally unhappy and anxious horse. But there are products available to help ease these issues. Box rest can also be a challenging time for owners but spending time grooming, apply simple massage techniques and finding other ways to bond with your horse in the confines of the stable can help both horse and owner to pass the time. Here is our selection of products to help keep your horse content during box rest.

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    Likit Horse Stable boredom buster

    This lightweight, compact stable hanging toy spins like a tongue twister and moves like a boredom breaker, making it great for entertaining horses that are bored.
    Buy now: Likit Horse Stable Boredom Buster from £20.95

    Shires Greedy Feeder haylage net

    Some horse that are stabled for long periods of time end up getting very greedy as a way to relief boredom and make up for loss of activity. This very small holed net is designed to slow your horse’s eating for better digestion and extended stable activity as the horse has to work harder to get the forage through the small holes. The net also reduces the amount of wasted forage on the stable floor.
    Buy now: Shires Greedy Feeder Haylage Net from £14.70

    Bizzy Bites stable toy

    You can hang this stable toy from the wall, leave on the floor or attach it to the stable door. Inspired by baby and dog teethers, the textured wings provide an interesting surface for chewing on. This toy rotates as your horse licks the lick inside, providing alleviation from boredom.
    Buy now: Bizzy Bites Stable Toy from £12.95

    Horse stable mirror

    Scientific studies have shown that installing a suitable stable mirror can make horses happier and more relaxed as it provides a form of companionship which results in the horse feeling more comfortable in its stable.
    Buy now: Horse stable mirror from £8.97

    Uncle Jimmys hangin balls

    Your horse can spend hours trying to lick and grab this ball. Not only is it great tasting, its packed with vitamins and minerals essential for the horses everyday needs and is a great way to relieve boredom in the stable.
    Buy now: Uncle Jimmys Hangin Balls from £17.80

    Ekkia Curry comb and massage

    If your horse is tense, bored or you’re looking for ways to spend time with your horse while he is on boxe rest, then this two-in-one brush maybe the answer. One side has PVC teeth and acts as a curry comb for grooming and the other side has seven stainless steel beads to rub your horse gently with, giving him a relaxing massage.
    Buy now: Ekkia Curry Comb and Massage from £6.99

    Jolly Apple

    The Horseman’s Jolly Apple is a large toy which can be hung up in the stable to help alleviate your horse’s boredom. It can help to distract the horse from cribbing and destructive chewing behaviour and is made from durable, non-toxic plastic.
    Buy now: Jolly Apple from £15.49

    Equilibrium Therapy massage pad

    This portable and lightweight pad provides massage therapy for your horse. The pad improves back flexibility and also promotes relaxation. It is battery operated and gives a 30 minute session in three intensities. It works by pulsing, vibrating and stroking the back, stimulating muscles and improving circulation.
    Buy now: Equilibrium Therapy Massage Pad from £250

    Cavalor VitaCrunch

    This treat is high in fibre, low in starch and is oat and gluten free, plus the tough texture is good for the teeth and ensures that they must be eaten slowly.
    Buy now: Cavalor VitaCrunch from £13.50

    Back on Track mesh rug

    The Back on Track therapeutic mesh rug is made with state-of-the-art Welltex material, which reflects your horse’s own body energy, creating a soothing far infrared thermal effect. This effect may increase blood circulation, helping your horse’s muscles stay in optimum condition.
    Buy now: Back on Track Mesh Rug from £183.14

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