Bright white greys and flashy white socks are not easy to achieve, so we are here to help with our selection of the best stain remover products

Greys and white markings look magnificent, but only when they are very white. In order to do this you might need an extra product help. For that you need a specialist shampoo that quickly and effectively removes deep seated grass and stable stains either at every time you bath your horse or for that last-minute show clean. When using these products, you should be mindful of your horse’s sensitive skin. Also if you’re wanting that instant show clean, a type of “dry shampoo” that can be brushed off is a great.

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Hawkins Organic Secret Weapon stain foam

This stain remover from Hawkins Organic is an effective, 100% natural foam that removes stable and grass stains. It is pH balanced, great for grey horse owners and suitable for all skin types.
RRP: £12.95

Veredus Biocare easy white

Easy White is a dry shampoo with good cleaning power that requires no rinsing. It can be used on coats, mane sand tails for grey and white horses and is quick to remove those pesky stains at competitions as you can simply spray on and brush off.
RRP: £16 for 500ml

Nettex Stain remover

This specialist shampoo quickly and effectively removes grass and stable stains from your light coloured horse’s coat. If you use this product regularly you could prevent the build-up of stains on the coat. Plus it’s gentle on the skin, making it suitable for even the most sensitive of horses and ponies.
RRP: £4.99 for 200ml
Buy now at

HySHINE Magic vanish

HySHINE Magic Vanish deep cleans even the most stubborn of stains quickly and effectively with added brightening agents to give a gleaming, white finish.
RRP: £8.99 for 500ml
Buy now at

Fiebing’s Blue Frost whitening shampoo and conditioner

This shampoo contains special brightening agents which enhance white and grey hair whilst targeting tough stable and grass stains with ease, plus aloe vera to promote skin health.
RRP: £12.95 for 473ml

Aborbine Showshine stain remover

ShowSheen stain remover and whitener contains Oxi-Erasers to effectively lift out stains. Simply spray it on and rinse off on the toughest stains plus it is colour safe and does not contain any bleach.
RRP: £9.79 for 591ml

Equimins leg and body whitener

This easy to use whitening product can be applied to your horse’s legs and body on the day of the show, but also made into a paste and applied the day before during bathing your horse.
RRP: £11.95 for 1kg
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Polar White Stain removing and whitening spray

A quick and easy to use stain remover which can be used on stable and grass stains as well as on feathers, socks and tails to remove stubborn discolouration. This spray is also fresh smelling and is useful for cleaning the inside of sweaty hats and removing stubborn stains from saddle cloths too.
RRP: £9.95 for 500ml

Cowboy magic Greenspot remover

Cowboy Magic green spot remover is formulated to remove manure, urine spots and dried sweat instantly. Plus it can give newly cleaned spots a high-shine after brushing.
RRP: £17.50 for 946ml
Buy now from amazon

Fiebing’s Green clean

Fiebing’s green clean is a spot and stain remover that contains tea tree oil to clean and condition the hair and coat. It is great for stabled horses, those out at grass or last-minute preparations for the show ring as it is quick and easily to get rid of urine, grass and manure stains.
RRP: from £10.99 for 1litre

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