Horse's shapes change throughout their lifetime so unless you want to adjust your saddle each time this happens it is worth investing in one of these corrective saddle-pads to ensure that your horse is always comfortable with you in the irons

A correctly fitting and comfortable saddle is paramount to your horse’s well-being and way of going. All horses can change shape throughout their working life depending on their weight, fitness levels or age. So rather than adjusting their saddles you can use one of these corrective saddle pads instead. You may ride multiple horses in one saddle and by using one of these pads you can rest assured that whichever horse you’re riding is comfortable. Half pads should mould to the horses back distributing pressure evenly, they should allow the saddle to sit correctly and stay in place, plus a good half pad should be breathable and adjustable. In order to achieve these things you should look for pads that has ways to alter their thickness, made of a breathable material and have the ability to mould and compress to the shape of your horse’s back.

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Fleeceworks Therawool Perfect Balance

This half pad is made of dense memory foam and real wool to support the saddles fit where needed. The real wool allows breathability, extra cushioning and will absorb concussion. The highly reactive memory foam shims, compress to allow the fit of your saddle saddle to fluctuate during the season.
RRP: £80

Korrector Air saddle pad

By using air and foam technology this pad gives full control of how the saddle fits on one or more horses and is the great way to ensure your saddle horses is comfortable in his saddle even if his physique changes. Once adjusted, this pad does not need to be altered unless the horse changes shape or you wish to use it with another saddle or on a different horse. These adjustments only take a couple of minutes and are done with the rider mounted.
RRP: £175

Thermatex Saddle Fitters pad

This pad from Thermatex is an excellent aid for horses who lack muscle tone due to age, fitness or injury. Each pad comes with ten corrective shims which can be placed inside any of provided four pockets to achieve the correct saddle balance and fit. As with all Thermatex products, this pad wicks moisture away from the horse, is breathable and machine washable.
RRP: £85.95

LeMieux Pro-Sorb Lambskin half pad

A pad made with soft lambskin but with with the flexibility to adjust saddle for perfect fit and balance. The Pro-Sorb system gives you multiple choices in one product and includes two sets of insert pads. The Velcro fastenings make this pad easily adjustable to suit your needs which is very useful when you are rushing in-between horses using the same saddle.
RRP: £82.96

Felix Bühler V3 half pad with Chamber System

This pad is great for when you know you will be on your horse’s back for a long time due to the toughness of its construction and great shock absorbing quality, it is made of cotton and shock-absorbing chloroprene rubber that moulds to your horse back, with a chamber system for saddle position correction. Individual positioning of the saddle can be achieved with the six insertion pockets and eight exchangeable pads.
RRP: £74.90

Premier Equine Tec Grip Anti Slip correction pad

This half pad comes with eight insert shims so that you can quickly adjust the depth of the pad at both front and back to achieve the perfect balance and fit for any saddle. This pad also features a gel print overlay and anti-slip fabric on the underside, which helps keep your saddle in place and prevents the pad/saddle moving. The high wither design relieves pressure over the wither and spine.
RRP: £64.99

Pro-Lite Tripad

This three-pocketed half pad aims to minimise bulk but still provide maximum adjustability. The three pockets, in which to put the Prolite foam inserts into, provide endless solutions when trying to balance a saddle on a horse. This pad is also perforated to allow air to circulate.
RRP: £64.98