If you're looking for a wicking or cooler rug for your horse then look no further:

PremTex cooler from Premier Equine

1. Premtex Cooler Navy Gradient

The PremTex Cooler is classically styled and provides high-tech cooling and thermal regulation for your horse. Made of advanced triple layer fabrics, it quickly wicks moisture and sweat away from the coat, leaving your horse feeling dry and comfortable. Thick and cosy, this cooler is perfect for spring, autumn and winter months. Available in sizes 5’6’’ to 7’ in black, navy or burgundy.
RRP: £89.99
www.premierequine.co.uk or call 01469 532279

Derby House elite cooler rug

2. premtex2

A versatile and smart cooler rug from Derby House’s elite collection. This is the quality choice for travel, cooling or layering. The two-tone design is crafted to wick moisture away from the skin instantly whilst keeping your horse’s temperature regulated. Warm and comfortable, with an integral faux sheepskin wither pad, the cooler features range of adjustable fixings and fastenings for a tailored fit.
RRP: £59.99
Visit: www.derbyhouse.co.uk

Bucas Shamrock Power

3. Shamrock Power 4654

The Shamrock Power is an ideal multi-functional rug. It performs superbly as a sweat rug, travel rug and light stable rug. It is manufactured using two layers of Bucas stay-dry fabric. The unique stay-dry functionality saves time and rug changes and ensures that the horse is always comfortable. The anti-bacterial lining helps to keep the rug fresh and in good condition. Available in 5’6’’ to 7’2’’ in black, navy, grey or amethyst.
RRP: £86
Visit: www.bucas.com or www.zebraproducts.co.uk

Mark Todd fleece mesh cooler

4. Mark Todd Fleece Mesh Cooler black

This innovative cooler is cleverly designed to combine the airflow qualities of mesh, with the warmth and wicking properties of fleece. The lower sides of the rug are made from mesh fabric and shaped to allow air to circulate around those typical ‘hot spots’, while the upper fleece section wicks moisture away from the body and helps protect against chills. Available in navy in sizes 5’6” to 7’.
RRP: £38.99
Visit: www.wefi.co.uk or call 01303 872277

Coolex cooler

5. Coolex Cooler

The innovative Coolex cooler speeds moisture away from the horse’s body and insulates against the cold, making it perfect for use after exercise and competition or when travelling. Coolex is a knitted three-ply technical fabric comprising a quick drying, wind resistant outer layer for warmth and durability, a Therma-Dry insulation layer and a soft lining to wick moisture away from the skin. Neck cover sold separately. Available in sizes 5’6” to 7’, in navy or black.
RRP: £113.99
Visit: www.wefi.co.uk or call 01303 872277

Premier Equine’s Buster cool sheet

6. Buster Cool Sheet Navy (1)

Made from 1000D triple woven ripstop polyester this sheet is tough and durable. It is multi-functional as it can be used for traveling, as an under rug, in the stable or at competitions. The Buster cool sheet will add a layer of warmth to your horse but at the same time it will not generate so much heat that they become uncomfortable. It is ideal for hot horses that would normally sweat up wearing a fleece type cooler. Available in 5’6’’ to 7’3’’ in navy and red or black.
RRP: £54.99
www.premierequine.co.uk or call 01469 532279

Herbb Body Hugger

7. IMG_9194 copy

The Body Hugger is the ultimate in comfort for your horse. This breathable slip on rug ensures that it does not rub your horse’s shoulders or withers. It is ideal as an under layer or as a stand alone rug.
RRP: £34.99
Visit: www.herbb.co.uk or call 01243 551580

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