Pax Horse immediately and naturally calms by sense of smell, creating friendly behaviour and improving communication and bonding between the horse and human. It achieves this by inducing the hormone oxytocin — known as ‘the peace hormone’. Oxytocin is known to reduce anxiety, blood pressure and cortisol levels. It does not cause lethargy.

Regular use of PAX AROMATIC is beneficial to all horses, from racehorses to lead-rein ponies. 100% safe for all competition. Just spray a tiny spot on your hands — not the horse — and it will last for hours. Very economical. Use ad-lib. Horses love it.

Costs £22 via Paypay at or purchase via eBay

A typical comment from a customer
A year ago I rescued a much traumatised Arabian gelding and he was turned out with foals to allow him time to recover. Some months later, despite attempts to halter him and treat him kindly, he was still uncatchable. He would rear and strike if cornered — everything upset him so much that it was safer to herd him in and out of the stable. I had come to the conclusion that he would never be safe. As a last resort I bought some PAX. The first day the effect on him was unbelievable. As I walked into the field the foals all took a great interest in me, then he approached me — something he would never have done previously. I averted my gaze from his eyes and he walked up to me and touched me. I put a rope loosely around his neck and led him quietly into the stable with the foals following behind. Unbelievable! Over the last few months I have been able to do some initial ground work with him and he now quietly accepts a saddle and bridle and is hacking out. I hardly have to use the Pax at all now. Thank you for an amazing experience.
Linda, Dorset

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