How will the hosepipe ban affect horse owners?

  • After two very dry winters have left reservoirs and rivers below normal levels, seven water companies in southern and eastern England will be imposing water restrictions this April.

    But how will this affect us as horse owners?

    Generally speaking the use of a hosepipe for the cleaning, maintenance and general well-being of any kind of animal is seen as exempt from hosepipe ban rules.

    The government requires that under a hosepipe ban the welfare of animals must be protected.

    Examples of what is acceptable under the water restrictions include:

    • Washing horses down with a hosepipe
    • Filling up water troughs and buckets with a hosepipe
    • Cleaning out lorries, trailers and stables with a hosepipe

    As long as you are genuinely using a hosepipe for the welfare of your horse and not abusing the interpretation of these rules you should have no problems.

    However, these are of course only guidelines- you may wish to contact your local water company for clarification.

    Water companies intending on imposing a hosepipe ban are:
    Southern Water, South East Water, Thames Water, Anglian Water, Sutton and East Surrey, Veolia Central and Veolia South East

    Restrictions will start on 5 April except for Sutton and East Surrey and Anglian Water.

    For more information visit www.hosepipeban.org.uk

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