PAX aromatic immediately and naturally triggers the horse’s desire for trust, sociability, calmness, partnership and bonding.

Behaviours start with thought process. Whilst good horsemanship is necessary for teaching good behaviour, olfactory information is a major contributor to the horse’s trust, behaviour, attitude, sociability and acceptability.

Just spray a spot of PAX aromatic on your hands. The effects last for hours until washed off. Use ad-lib — occasionally or constantly. You may find you don’t have to use it after a few days or weeks because it builds trust.

PAX aromatic is made from herbs in an alcohol base and is 100% safe for all types of competition horses from elite racehorses to lead-rein ponies. It cannot cause lethargy or alter performance. In September 2006 PAX aromatic was submitted to the Veterinary Medical Directorate (ULM 720500), who stated that PAX aromatic is not a product which would come under their remit.

PAX aromatic has been used by expert horsemen for centuries.

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