Help settle nervous or excitable horses and ponies with TopSpec Calmer

Overexcitability and tension can lead to training and performance problems, so TopSpec, well-known for its feed balancer, has launched a calming product to help susceptible horses and ponies.

TopSpec Calmer is apple-flavoured to make it more palatable. It contains yeast, B vitamins, magnesium, tryptophan and sepiolite clay. It acts as acalmer, rather than a sedative, and is suitable for horses competing under FEI and Jockey Club rules.

The company claims the product’s effects can be seen within hours of it first being ingested, but that full benefit will be enjoyed after around three weeks of it being fed.

TopSpec Calmer is designed to help horses which find stressful situations difficult to cope with or those with naturally excitable temperaments.

Available in a 3kg tub.

Cost ataround £20.

For more information on feeding TopSpec Calmer contact TopSpec (tel: 01270 624095)

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