A former rider has designed a cream containing ginger and juniper

Vetrofen Intense can be used every day and is also available in a syringe

Glucosaflex 12000[1]

Specification change for Glucosaflex 10000

The joint supplement has also been rename Glucosaflex 12000

Zedlock 2 001

Zedlock enhances its gate lock

New features have been added to the Zedlock which was first launched in 2011


Protexin adds Gut Bind to its Equine Premium range

A product designed to settle a foal’s disrupted gut has been added to the Equine Premium range

Magic Cushion, which can be used on shod and barefoot horses, is a new addition to the Hooflex hoof care range

H&H Editor Lucy Higginson explains why she always has a Equerry leather body brush in her grooming kit


Clip designed to make tying up your horse easier

A clip has been designed so that you no longer have to struggle with knots when tying your horse


Trug-Lid revealed as storagesolution by Rainbow Trugs

Rainbow Trugs has revealed its new Trug-Lid that the company claims is a “universal storage solution”


Paxton Equine unveils new product, Soak-a-Way

Paxton Equine Soak-a-Way claims to make soaking your horse’s hay this winter an easier task