A cheeky Shetland really took the biscuit when he appeared on a recent live TV show — sneakily munching on a giant confection that had been created for a food festival.

Wee Bob had been a guest on the programme Live at Five, on the channel STV2, after capturing public attention his native Scotland when it was revealed he lives in his owner’s house.

The unfortunate “world’s largest empire biscuit” had also gained a slot on the show, having been created for a “jam and ham” food festival.

Wee Bob, loose in the studio, made a beeline for the biscuit and the cameras caught him happily helping himself.

STV2 senior producer Gerry Cassidy said: “Live at Five is packed with fun, interesting features and great guests so our presenters never know quite what to expect but Wee Bob almost left them speechless when he quite literally took the biscuit.

“He’s obviously got a sweet tooth and couldn’t resist the temptation of the world’s biggest empire biscuit which, at 36 inches across and weighing a hefty 18kg, was just about bigger than him.  

“He’s such a lovable Shetland though that no one could be annoyed, not even Clarks Bakery and jam makers R & W Scott who had created it specially for Carluke’s Jam and Ham Festival – and then of course had to come up with a replacement which hadn’t had the Shetland treatment!”

Wee Bob, 17, who measures just 32” (8hh), lives with owner Stacey Johnson in Renfrewshire, where he regularly opens the front door to let himself into the house.

The confident Shetland likes to sit in front of the fire during the winter, and enjoys watching TV, especially Emmerdale.

Stacey said: “He keeps you laughing all day, that’s why we keep him around so much.

“He’s part of the family, there’s no doubt about it. He’ll be here for life. Everybody loves him.”