An emotional short film about the creation of Valegro in rocking horse form has been released by the Stevenson Brothers.

The miniature version of the medal-winning equine superstar was a Christmas gift to Charlotte Dujardin from her fiancé Dean Golding.

Marc Stevenson explains that Dean approached them at Olympia in 2015.

What an exciting thing to be involved with — making a copy of the world’s most famous dressage horse for the world’s most famous dressage rider,” said Marc, adding it is a “real honour” for the Stevenson Brothers’ team.

“Clearly Dean loves Charlotte massively and this is a clear demonstration of the love he has for her — a copy of the real Valegro, the rocking version there forever to remind her of this incredible journey that she has been on.”

valegro rocking horse

Charlotte being presented with a Valegro Rocking Horse at the Olympia International Horse Show at Olympia, London, UK; on 14th December 2016

The video switches between the Stevenson Brothers team adding the final details on the rocking horse as groom Alan Davies puts the final touches to the real Valegro ahead of his retirement ceremony at Olympia.

Dean added he had the idea as one of Charlotte’s friends has one in their home.

He said he “fell in love” with the rocking horse Valegro as soon as he saw it.

“I think I almost cried myself,” he added.

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Charlotte said it was one of the “best surprises”.

“Just to have something like that is so special — to have it for my family to pass down and for my kids hopefully one day to have a go on,” she said.

“For me watching my kids on this rocking horse is going to be a very, very special moment.”

The film closes with the touching moment Valegro meets his miniature self being ridden by Charlotte.

Did you know…

  • The model features a pair of Valegro’s golden shoes
  • His lower beams of inscribed with dates of the pair’s record-breaking performances
  • Stevenson’s rocking horses can take up to a 14-stone adult
  • They are formed from multiple blocks of wood that are then assembled into a larger block and carved into shape
  • Some of Charlotte’s sponsors were also in on the secret and wooden Valegro is wearing a bespoke Equipe saddle — just like Blueberry’s real one