Who would come out on top in a sporting competition between a  jockey, a hockey gold medallist and a rugby player?

Aintree racecourse put the trio to the test in a fun competition in the run-up to the 2017 Randox Health Grand National (8 April).

Katie Walsh, Samantha Quek and Laura Wright took a turn at each other’s sports to find out who was the best newcomer across the disciplines.

First up Katie gives the other two a riding lesson and the three walk down the iconic walkway from the parade ring to the track — albeit on something arguably a little steadier than a race-fit thoroughbred.

Katie achieved the highest ever finish by a woman in history of the race when she partnered Seabass to third in 2012.

She explained what it is like ahead of the race on Grand National day itself.

It’s an unbelievable feeling really because there’s such a build-up,” said Katie. “No matter what you are riding, there is still a little bit of you going ‘imagine if I won’.”

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British Olympic hockey gold medallist Samantha and rugby player and soprano Laura, who can frequently be found singing at major sporting fixtures, then have a taste of just how hard riding a racehorse actually is.

Following a demo from Katie — who makes it look easy — the pair go head-to-head in the “who can stay on the Equicizer the longest” challenge.

Samantha manages 1 minute 51 seconds, while Laura manages 1 minute 33 seconds. Given the record for the fastest ever Grand National win is 8 minutes 47.8 seconds, held by Mr Frisk’s 1990 victory, Laura and Samantha have a way to go to make the finish line.

The trio go on to try their hand, or rather foot, at kicking conversions and hitting penalties, but who was the most versatile athlete? The crown — or rather bottle of fizz — went to Samantha with Katie a close second.