Helios horseboxProbably the single most important aspect of dealing with Kevin Parker Horseboxes is the confidence the company has in its horseboxes. Each comes with a comprehensive two-year warranty.

For more information, please email Kevin direct or tel: 01995 640079, 07956 222678.

What makes the company stand out?

  • All customers deal directly with Kevin
  • A conscientious team of 16 who are very proud of the product
  • Each Helios and Aeos horsebox is a completely bespoke build, finished to the highest standards possible
  • Alluring design with strength and longevity in every build
  • Unique features, like Coat-X spray on polyurea, full solar charging and air extraction and curved roof system
  • A comprehensive two-year warranty with every Helios and Aeos horsebox
  • One of the lightest and strongest horseboxes on the market today with more than 2.5 tonnes of payload (Helios) and 1.22 tonnes of payload (Aeos)
  • Kevin Parker innovates and uses the very latest manufacturing techniques and materials
  • As standard for longevity and strength, stainless steel is used for all ramps, hinges, back frames, safety cages and horse partitions
  • Kevin Parker has its own commercial spray shop and graphics businesses, so painting is not contracted out
  • Over 30 years’ experience

This is a video of a standard ladies Helios horsebox with 2.8 tonnes of payload: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UzV5hv4jgQc

And this is a video with an insight into Kevin Parker as a company: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V4KQZ0_WB60

Kevin Parker is an approved horsebox manufacturer, with a conscientious team of skilled craftsmen. The company invests heavily in young people, always with an eye to the future. The apprentices are enthusiastic and a good source of inspiration for the whole company!

Kevin Parker hopes the video demonstrates attention to detail and unique horsebox designs. Rather than blindly following others, the company has innovated at each turn, which is evident with the very first view of the Helios shape.

Horsebox aerodynamicsUnlike other horseboxes on the market, every Helios horsebox has a sweeping roofline with our curved roof system flowing into the Helios pod. This in turn incorporates solar panels and the solar charging system.

Further reducing the carbon footprint of our brand

Looking at horseboxes on the road today, the majority are still shoebox shaped with no thought about aerodynamics.

The cost of transport increases each year and almost any other transport-related item we buy has been designed with fuel economy and aerodynamics in mind; this includes everything from cycle helmets to the shape and design of cars.

With this in mind, Kevin Parker includes weight reductions and an aerodynamic shape as an integral part of the Helios horsebox design. More than 20 years ago the company tested our first curved roofs and realised there were clear advantages both with fuel savings and wind noise.

Over the years the curved roof design has been enhanced. CO2 emissions have been reduced by increasing the aerodynamics of the range. This in turn reduces fuel consumption.

HorseboxOther key benefits include increased internal volume and an aesthetically pleasing, striking design. Using this innovative design the company has managed to increase the horse area headroom to 8” 2″, yet reduced the overall vehicle height by more than 6″. In turn this has reduced load height, ramp height and ramp angle.

With this innovative approach, each Helios horsebox benefits from full solar charging and our curved roof system as standard.

Why choose a Helios horsebox?

Click here for the 23’ deluxe Helios horsebox specification

Kevin Parker takes up the story…

Choosing a horsebox can be a very exciting, yet daunting task.

To make choosing one as simple as possible, we have laid bare our build process and included quality images and videos throughout the website.

It is noteworthy that we were the first to include weight certificates and send pictures and updates of the builds to customers. Even the VBRA have included items we have recommended for years into their best practice guidance notes!

One of the most noticeable things you will see on the website is that we actually post our vehicle weights, rather than just saying we provide them!

HorseboxWe have noticed that on a regular basis, both our designs and website content are copied. Having other manufacturers emulate our concepts and designs is extremely flattering and does highlight our enviable position. All we would ask of potential customers is that when they do the rounds, to please include us as our service, horseboxes and finish speak for themselves.

Our standard builds have a high specification with most items being exclusive to ourselves. These include solar charging and air extraction, Coat-X spray on polyurea coating, stainless steel ramps, rear frames, horse partitions and horse safety cages. Our builds are simply made to outlast our competition!

Using our years of experience, we have designed the Helios range to be stronger, lighter and have a lower load height than older design horseboxes. Through innovation and starting from the ground up with the lowest possible load height and together with our exclusive curved roof system, the Helios design benefits by reducing fuel consumption, wind noise and swaying. This increases internal height and makes a smoother and safer ride for the horses.

HorseboxReduced load height also means that we have extremely shallow ramps, making them safer and easier to load horses. This saves weight, as we do not need heavy hydraulic rams and the added weight of extended ramp feet. Another benefit to the extremely low load height is that we do not need ladders to climb into the living. Instead we install custom made steps which have just 2 treads making access much easier and safer, especially for children.

See Helios horsebox galleries here

Payload and horse safety must be among the top considerations when buying a horsebox. Our lightest Helios weighs just 4.7 tonnes and our heaviest Helios with all the extras just 5.38 tonnes.

To boast these high payloads and at the same time manufacture a horsebox that is stronger and safer, has taken years of expertise, considerable research and innovation.

All our horseboxes benefit from Coat-X polyurea coating sprayed on our aluminium floors to replace the older heavy rubber mats and kick sheet. This product alone has many benefits and has transformed our horse areas and ramps into something quite unique.

HorseboxFrom our Coat-X spray on protective coating business, Sign-X signs and graphics business to our commercial spray shop, we keep every aspect of the build in house and retain total control over quality. This is one the reasons we are able to include a 2-year warranty as standard on all our builds.

The ultimate in longevity — groundbreaking design in stainless steel

The Helios design now includes a stainless steel ramp, ramp hinges, rear frame, safety cage and horse partitions as standard on each horsebox.

Through extensive research and with a clear goal, we have increased durability, added value for money and furthered our reputation for quality and longevity. This is a practical step forward that our customers will appreciate for many years to come.

Stainless steel is the ultimate material for longevity. It outperforms the alternatives like aluminium and has integrated into our manufacturing process seamlessly.

In addition, if required we are able to manufacture the whole Helios build in stainless steel. With a sensible approach to strength and overall vehicle weights and using the latest stainless steel sections, we are able to increase the payload even further.

We already include a 2-year warranty as standard and if customers really want a horsebox that is stronger, lighter and will outlast any of the competition, then we truly have something to offer that is unique in the industry!

Click here for the 23’ deluxe Helios horsebox specification

Full air extraction — included as standard

Following on from our ground-breaking solar charging system, fitted as standard on every Helios horsebox, we are proud to introduce another new innovation, adding greater value for money and comfort for horses.

Fitted as standard to each Helios horsebox is our high flow air extraction system. This is not just a token extraction fan, as it easily outperforms Defra regulations on air extraction for horseboxes. It can swap all the hot air in the horse area approximately 20 times in 1 hour (removing up to 316 cubic metres of hot air per hour).

See the 23’ Helios horsebox standard specification

Customer care and the Vehicle Builders and Repairers Association (VBRA)

HorseboxA good name cannot be bought, it must be earned and with our 2-year warranty and exceptional customer care program, we aim to be amongst the best. Continued product improvement and customer care has become our driving force.

For many years we have been a VBRA-approved manufacturer, giving our customers extra peace of mind. Of course all these words are only as good as the team behind them. We have an excellent, long-serving team that is skilled and proud of what we produce.

By being as transparent as possible and placing all the information and quality pictures on the website, customers are able to make better informed decisions. We have no sales team and each customer deals directly with Kevin.

We put great emphasis on ease of use and comfort for horses and owners alike, with over 30 years of experience we can advise customers on the best ways to incorporate their requirements whilst staying within the legal limits and load capacity of the horsebox.

We have a commitment to our customers that all our horseboxes have to be fit for purpose and legally carry the horses they are stalled for. With high fines and many prosecutions, weight has become probably the single most important issue when buying a horsebox today and for this reason other builders are now following our lead, although still not posting weights!

From the very start we have designed the Helios horsebox to be stronger and lighter with more internal space and have limited the maximum size of our 7.5 tonne horsebox bodies to 18’. This allows our customers to buy and drive a Helios horsebox with complete confidence.

Most customers would assume all horsebox manufacturers have this approach, but unfortunately this is not the case. We would advise customers to be extra careful when making your choice. Time and time again we see new build horseboxes at 7.5 tonnes on the market advertised with ‘all aluminium builds’ and ‘weight ticket provided’ — these bodies are in excess of 20’ long and no amount of lightweight materials will make these horseboxes able to carry more than one large horse, fuel, water, passengers and tack without being over the legal weight limit!

Many manufacturers are now looking to reduce vehicle weights and what we are seeing is quite flattering; new horseboxes for sale are being reduced in length to the sizes we have specified for over 10 years. For years we have had weight tickets and actually posted the weights for every horsebox we produce. With a more informed public, other manufacturers are being forced to provide weight tickets too. This can only be good for the industry as a whole and especially for customers buying any horseboxes for sale.

We are so confident in the quality of every Helios horsebox that we include a 2-year warranty as standard and 3-month warranty on the chassis. We only require a small deposit when the order is placed and the balance on collection. Again this is to give customers peace of mind, especially in the current economic climate. For many years we have included a 12-month test, full service, gas safety certificate, electrical installation safety certificate and weight certificate with each horsebox. We post pictures to customers each week throughout the build and keep a detailed record for future reference.


See the deluxe Helios horsebox in Helios metallic pearl blue

Bespoke build for each customer, made with pride

Every Helios horsebox is a bespoke build. This gives customers much more choice in their horsebox design. From years of manufacturing experience, we know customers already have a preference that suits their own and their horse’s needs, so we have designed the Helios and Aeos horsebox ranges to be very flexible.

Through solid research, innovation, unrivalled build quality and customer care the Helios and Aeos brands have become synonymous with quality and value for money. It is very rare for any of our vehicles to appear for sale secondhand and this is testament to the desirability and quality of the Helios and Aeos horsebox brands.

Because of the quality materials used and our very high standard of workmanship, the finish on our horseboxes for sale stay like new for many years, making our range of horseboxes for sale very sought-after. This translates into low depreciation costs and the highest of resale prices, making them extremely good value for money.

Here is the ladies 20′ 6″ Helios horsebox standard specification

Coat-X our spray-on polyurea protective coating to replacing rubber mats and kick sheet

We lead the way with Coat-X our spray-on polyurea protective coating. Sprayed in all our horseboxes it is proven to outperform rubber based sprays and heavy rubbers mats and kick sheets. It has many design advantages, including an unrivalled finish.

For every statement on the website we have corroborating evidence and this is true of the properties of Coat-X. We are so confident in the extra grip Coat-X provided over the best premium rubber matting available, we commissioned an independent slip test to BS 7976-2 standards. Here is an excerpt from the 10-page report:

’Independent slip testing experts, tested “Coat-X” and a standard rubber mat side by side for slip resistance to BS 7976-2, the HSE’s preferred slip test method. “Coat-X” clearly provided an increased resistance to slipping in water wet conditions compared to a standard mat. “Coat-X” achieved a Pendulum Test Value (PTV) of 44 in the wet, comfortably falling within the ‘Low risk of slip’ category as determined by the HSE, whilst the standard mat achieved a PTV of 29, falling within the ‘Moderate risk of slip’ category.’

Add to this the noise reduction properties of Coat-X and we have probably the quietest and most comfortable horse transport available.

One of the ways we achieve this is by replacing all the heavy rubber mats and kick sheets in our horseboxes with our Coat-X spray-on protective coating. Finish in the horse area is paramount and any coach built horsebox must be able to withstand power washing and disinfectants on a weekly basis.

It is a fact that even aluminium floors let water through to the components below, this is not just at the edges, but the full length of each plank where they click together. One of the advantages of Coat-X is that there are no seams which eliminate the problem of water ingress causing damage and rot, our customers can be confident that they have bought something made to last and it will look like new after each wash.

We fit long drain tubes to take any water out of the horse area and past any chassis parts underneath the horsebox. These are not just holes drilled in our aluminium floor! Coat-X on our ramps has removed the need for capping, when a ramp is open, Coat-X stops water getting behind the edges and in turn stops swelling and rotting. Coat-X is sprayed at a very high temperature and completely seals all edges for the life of the horsebox. This product alone is revolutionising the industry.

It saves weight and totally waterproofs any horse area or ramp. It is not affected by chemical cleaners like rubber and it can be power washed or steam cleaned safely. It does not degrade or distort with heat, cold or age and another great advantage is that we spray it in a light grey, making our horse areas inviting, light and airy.

HorseboxLight stainless steel ramp and stainless steel parts

When evaluating all the available materials, stainless steel had the most advantages for our manufacturing process.

Although aluminium is indeed lightweight, we have worked with it for many years and we are more than familiar with its weaknesses. One of its downfalls is that for the equivalent strength, aluminium would need to be much thicker and have a profile height many times that of steel or stainless steel. It also has very little tolerance for flexing so not at all suitable for the horse ramp.

These characteristics would have compromised our build severely as we needed the load height and ramp slope as low as possible. There is a considerable price difference moving forward to stainless steel, however the benefits far outweigh the cost. As an innovative manufacturer wanting to offer real value for money to our customers, we have chosen stainless steel for many of our parts.

Our ramps are manufactured from stainless steel and are perfectly balanced; in fact, we pride ourselves with making light ramps that can be closed easily. We use large stainless steel hinges and grease nipples and they are a one piece smooth faced finish on the outside with no screws, rivets or joining strips to spoil the lines.

At the conception stage of the Helios design, one of the items high on our list was to remove any screws, fixings and especially joining strips on the sides and ramp. Our commercial spray shop has seen so many horseboxes with damaged paintwork around these joining strips, they definitely had no place on our horseboxes. One of our main selling points has always been our light ramps and our unique design allows us to have an extremely low ramp, making loading the horses much easier.

We wanted our horse area to be as clutter free as possible and the whole design is aimed at ease of loading and transporting horses safely. Customers will not find unnecessary items, just a clean smooth finish made to steam clean and look like new each time.

Adding further safety and strength, we build a stainless steel box section cage in the horse area that is welded to the centre partition and to the stainless steel ramp frame. The stainless steel horse partitions also swing from this, adding to the strength and quality of the build.

Find out more at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TVCBx5jyhCI