The spring season is now upon us and the weather will soon be warming up for summer. Check out the John Whitaker rug collection to get the best rug for your horse.

Competition Coolers:
We know you only want the best for your horse and for any competing horse you will need a high performing cooler rug. The CCR Cooler allows moisture to quickly transport away from the horse’s body. Ultraphil™ moisture management agents help speed up the process and enhance softness at the same time, making the horse feel comfortable and cooler, creating a natural microclimate to reduce post exercise chill and enhance key performance in equine sport.

ccr high res

CCR Cooler Rug RRP £60

Fun in the Field:
The Whitaker Rain Sheet is great for the warmer days with light showers. The lightweight material will keep your horse dry and comfortable whilst still having the freedom to play in the field. Also in the collection, the R022 200g Whitaker Turnout Rug ideal for cooler days. And the easy to fit R026 waterproof hood changes the rugs in to a lightweight combo.


RH020 No Fill Turnout Rug RRP £75

Fly Free Fillies:
There is always one horse that will cause mischief and rip their rug when playing in the field but the new John Whitaker FMC Rug is highly durable with thick breathable mesh material to reduce the chances of rips and tears. Not only is this fly rug long lasting and cost effective but the navy mesh combined with the printed Union Jack gusset will make your horse look effortlessly stylish in the field.

fly mesh ciba[1]

FMC Fly Mesh Rug RRP £60

All rugs within the John Whitaker Collection are available from 5’3 to 6’9. For more information visit

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