HackingBanish your riding fears with www.confidenthorserider.co.ukThe site is dedicated to riders who have lost their confidence. It offers:

  • Confidence workshops
  • Hypnotherapy/NLP CDs and MP3s
  • Personalised hypnosis recordings
  • Private consultations, coaching sessions and Riding Club talks

Areas you can tackle include:

  • Handling and riding. Do you lack confidence when are around horses or handling them? Perhaps you feel anxious when it comes to riding or even just thinking about it?
  • Jumping. Fearful about getting the stride “wrong”? Nervous of bigger or unusual jumps? Worried that you won’t feel in control?
  • Competing. Anxious about all the different aspects of competing? Concerned about people watching you?
  • Dressage. Having trouble staying calm and focused during dressage competitions? Worried about forgetting the test?

Jumping happilyBespoke confidence workshops (for groups and individuals)

A whole day devoted to help you banish fears and increase your confidence!

In a fun and informative environment tackle your anxieties and worries and start building confidence with an unbeatable rider confidence hypnosis session, self-hypnosis training, rider psychology, NLP sports coaching and much more.

This workshop has been produced by Amanda Kirtland-Page, who has over 45 years of riding experience, including 35 years as an instructor and 18 years working specifically with riders as an accredited hypnotherapist, psychotherapist, NLP sports coach and counsellor. Each workshop is designed specifically for the riders who attend, their individual difficulties and the situations they have to deal with at home.

Rider pack and training notebook supplied.

Group cost: £85; private cost: £245. Organise a group of 6 or more riders and get the day free.

Jumping happily2014 diary dates: confidence workshops and camps

Amanda is now organising venues and dates for confidence workshops and camps. Dates for the next month are:

Plumpton, East Sussex: 22 March

Dublin: 29-30 March

Manchester: 12-13 April

Nottingham: 19 April

Newmarket: 20 April

Aberdeen: 2-4 May

If you would like to host a workshop or are interested in attending, please contact Amanda at www.confidenthorserider.co.uk/contact.

If you would like Amanda to visit your venue, or if you would like her to organise a group in your area, also get in touch.

Beach ridingProfessional self hypnosis recordings

You can significantly increase your confidence by using these self-hypnosis CDs & mp3s produced specifically for riders.

Available from the shop or from the British Horse Society Bookshop.


Amanda can produce a personalised recording for you in CD or MP3 format.

A custom-made self hypnosis recording can be made specifically for you, addressing your unique difficulties. Once you decide to go ahead, you will be sent a questionnaire to fill in so that the recording is completely tailored to you.

Cost: £65 (edited and mixed with music)