Sheikh’s racing operation is to establish itself in a new location

The revised rules will be implemented on 1 August, rather than waiting to voted on at the FEI general assembly in December

FEI Endurance Session-29April2014

Endurance rules to be beefed up [H&H VIP]

“Bold steps” to help improve the welfare of horses in international endurance events have been revealed by the FEI

Sheikh Mohammed

Sheikh Mohammed cleared by Lord Stevens’ report into doping scandal

Sheikh Mohammed has been cleared of having any knowledge of the drug scandals involving his organisation last year by a report he ordered

Pippa Cuckson NEW

Reporter who exposed Middle East endurance scandal receives award

Pippa Cuckson, a former deputy editor of H&H, was praised for her “intrepid reporting” uncovering the extent of doping in Sheikh Mohammed’s endurance operation

As an FEI task force sets about cleaning up endurance, more news of past anomalies in the sport is coming to light

Pierre Arnould has been denounced by FEI secretary general Ingmar de Vos after stating publicly endurance could become a banned sport if the FEI cannot reduce doping and fractures in the Middle East


Investigation into Sheikh Mohammed’s equine operations

Lords Stevens and Princess Haya are to undertake an internal investigation into Sheikh Mohammed’s equine operations


Princess Haya will not seek a third term as FEI President

The surprise announcement comes after some national federations said they would oppose an attempt by Princess Haya to seek a third term as president of horse sport’s governing body

Princess Haya at Royal Ascot

Princess Haya faces opposition to continue as FEI president

Opponents claim Princess Haya has a “conflict of interest” as the wife of Sheikh Mohammed, whose racing and endurance operations have been embroiled in recent doping scandals