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Pony ClubThe Pony Club runs training opportunities and competitions for young people interested in riding. The charity has been responsible for kick-starting the careers of equestrian team members and Olympic medal winners.

From mounted games and the prestigious Prince Philip Cup at Horse of the Year Show to area championships that allow riders to qualify for the Pony Club’s prestigious nationals every summer, The Pony Club gives young riders countless opportunities to compete and represent their local branch.

While competition is a part of Pony Club life, training rallies and the annual Pony Club camp are the mainstay of the organisation’s popularity. Many top riders have fond memories of their Pony Club days, which they have shared with Horse & Hound.

stable stereotypes

How do you find the perfect Pony Club pony?

Rarer than rubies, more valuable per ounce than gold, as sought after as truffles, the Pony Club gem is top of every mother’s wish list. But how do you go…

Oakley Hunt West Prince Philip Cup team

Oakley Hunt (West) PPC: emotional endings

Despite not managing to collect their 3rd title in a row, Oakley Hunt (West) have had a great week at HOYS and can't wait to do it again next year


Oakley Hunt (West) PPC: all-important points

Saturday finished on a high with another session win for Oakley Hunt (West), but the riders missed out on watching the puissance as an early night was required