A colt has been rescued after being found injured and abandoned on a main road.

The horse, which rescuers believe to be between 15-18 months old, was covered in harness sores – consistent with pulling a horse-drawn vehicle at speed – when police found him.

Now called Jack, the colt has been taken in by Bristol-based charity HorseWorld.

The charity was called by Avon and Somerset Police on Tuesday (7 July) to a road in Avonmouth, Bristol, where Jack was found.

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Mark Owen, HorseWorld’s managing director, said: “We have named the colt Jack after one of our previous trustees, Jack Howe who sadly passed away in June.

“Jack was a firm believer in standing up for what is morally right and was a voice for the horses and the staff who care for them.

“I am sure he would have been very proud of our rescue team for coming to the rescue of this poor horse.”

He added they will be helping the police with their enquiries.

Jack harness racing HorseWorldThe charity has now micro-chipped and passported the colt, who will remain at HorseWorld’s welfare department for the foreseeable future.

He has a wound under his tail where the crupper of his harness dug in and sores across the top of his front legs from a poorly fitted breastcollar.

Jack was also wearing a shoe with a winged edge on one hoof when he was found and there is evidence that he has been shod all round.

Mr Owens added it was “heartbreaking” to see and that the youngster is understandably very frightened, but is now receiving all the veterinary care he needs.

“Once healthy, he will go out in a herd to be given time to grow up at his own pace and will join other horses who have also been rescued from around this area,” he said.

“We would like to thank the police and vets involved in making this rescue possible.”

  • who in the world puts a yearling in harness and shoes it unless he had some kind of depfmrity and it was corrective shoing a yearling doesn’t need shoes and should never be driven so young! what the hell is wrong with some people anyways! sheesh.. I hope he is ok and will find a happy home when he is grown. The only time a horse so young should be driven is for training only and that in a training harness not a full harness and not for very long at a time! I don’t even think training them that young is ok. honestly. I don’t start them until they are 3 or older.. the get taught manners nad halter traingin only nad are let to grown and mature. When they are more mature and their legs and body and brain can take it, then they should be trained… by a professional or a very experienced horse person who knows what they are doing. This guy evidently sure didn’t!. I wish people had to take and pass a written test and then a hands on test before they are allowed to even own a horse along with proof they can afford to own one and know how to care for them and train them… I doubt that will ever happen though. Same with breeding them. way to many underbred horses who are a mess. I saw some womans page on Facebook who had a Quarter horse farm and I was looking thru her photos and she had a mare with a roach back , hinters bump horrible weak hindquraters ( and remember this was a qH!), ewe necked and one of the straightest upright shoulders I have ever seen and her offspring looked almost as bad as she did! I could pick them out easily fomr the photos and sadly most of her horses looked just as bad. It was obvious she didn’t have a clue how to breed a good horse because all she was doing is putting animals out there with bad legs and really horrible conformation. Whats really sad is that she is one in thousands who do this.

  • Priscilla Bubb

    this looks like the colt being driven at appleby,the photo went up all over facebook can’t this be checked as the man driving it was clear in the photo ?

  • MerriAnn McLain

    Let’s hope the villain who did this can be found and brought to justice