The RSPCA is investigating after a pony is believed to have been set on fire in West Yorkshire.

The pony was found on Tuesday (14 April) by a member of the public in Kirkthorpe.

An alarmed reader contacted H&H. “The pony was found in a state — tied up in agony, all alone and scared out of her wits,” said the reader. “She was covered in engine oil and we believe she might have been set on fire.

“Luckily she’s alive, but we are determined to catch the people who did this. How anyone can do this to a defenceless animal is beyond comprehension.”

The pony has been named Hope and taken in by local horse owner Steph Broadhead.

“She was all tangled up in brambles,” Steph told H&H. “We clipped her and she has scorch marks all over her. It’s horrendous.

“The RSPCA told us there was nothing they could do, so we’ve taken her in. She’s very, very sore. I’ve never seen anything like this. “She’ll have a home now with us and will be spoilt rotten.”

pony covered in oil

The RSPCA attended but told H&H it was “not definite” that the pony had been set on fire.

“The RSPCA has visited a pony in Kirkthorpe after receiving concerns for its welfare,” a spokesman told H&H.

“The pony had a small amount of fur loss and had been entangled in brambles. It has been freed from the brambles and the RSPCA has left an advice notice for the pony’s owner to contact us.

“The pony isn’t in ideal condition, but is not suffering so we are unable to obtain veterinary support to allow us to remove the pony.

“There were reports that the pony had oil in its coat and we think this may have been applied to try to treat a mite infestation.

“We will be making a further visit, but in the meantime if anyone knows who the pony belongs to they can contact us in confidence on 0300 123 8018.

  • Content Generating Machine.

    How vile. Probably some brat, who if caught would have some sob story about how they couldn’t help it because they were abused or some nonsense.

  • Frances Hunt

    Oh nothing like that would happen down South would it. Starving them to death, stabbing them and chucking them in ditches, dragging them with a vehicle till they choke. All down South, but of course that nowhere near as bad.

  • Amanda Eivers

    They are right brave up North, setting fire to animals !!

  • Judy

    No longer can I, in good conscience, continue to support the RSPCA as I have done for these last twenty years. I cannot and will not support an animal protection service that does not, in fact, protect the animals they speak of.

    My mother and I asked them to help us with six stray cats twenty years ago, and after reading more and more stories like thus… My mind and heart are aching, because what sort of service did I give those cats over to? I couldn’t live with myself if knew any of those little cats, cat who trusted me, had been placed into another pair of human hands that caused them any form of suffering.

  • Laurel Hoare

    ‘small amount of hair loss’ only a bloody totally bald rspca ‘inspector’ would even think that. Yet again, they opt out. I have said it for almost forty years – their name alone is a contravention on Trading Standards – they ‘prevent’ nothing, nor do they care. Useless organisation – disband it – enough. So hope this innocent soul will recover from her trauma with the caring soul that has taken her in (the main reason the aforementioned ‘society’ have run away). Good luck to this innocent soul and the big hearted person who is giving her a chance at the life that is her right. Sickening, despicable human race yet again.

  • Cici Bauer

    As I said on Facebook the other day, each week H&H has yet another horrific story about a horse or pony being horribly abused or killed. What is going on in Great Britain these days. Such horrific attacks occur everywhere but never in all my years have I seen over and over and over again such barbarity acted out on an innocent horse or pony in the UK. Is this class warfare taken to an obscene extreme. Hunt Sabs with a “screw loose” mentally? Hooliganism? Whatever it is, shame on the these monsters but then they would have to have a conscience which NONE of them do if they are capable of such inexcusable cruelty.