A five-year-old piebald gelding was winched out of sinking mud by Derbyshire firefighters last Tuesday (2 September).

The horse’s owner — trainee veterinary nurse Becky Barwick — first realised he had escaped from the farm at 8am.

rescue [5]After escaping from his paddock, Kyrone was soon found 100m away submerged in a pond with a silted bottom (pictured right).

“His head was out, but he was starting to blow bubbles. We managed to get a head collar on him and keep his head up till the fire brigade arrived,” Becky said.

Firefighters from the Derbyshire Fire and Rescue team took more than two and a half hours to free the horse from the sinking mud.

rescue [1]Crews from the animal rescue team from Matlock station helped save the trapped horse, while water rescue appliances came from the nearby Chapel-en-le-Firth firestation.

“Working alongside the local vet, our specialist animal rescue team was able to secure lines and strops to a sedated Kyrone, enabling him to be attached to the lifting arm of the device and be raised to safety,” said station manager Paul Hawker.

The horse was completely covered in mud but once he came round (pictured above and right rescueheavily sedated) he was eating well. He has since being turned out in a different field with better fencing.

“Animal and land owners can assist in preventing these type of incidents occurring by regularly checking the security of gates and fences in which livestock are kept,” cautioned Mr Hawker.

  • Dear Horse&Hound, I am amazed and astonished by this act, happy and greatful for there are people who really take care of horses no matter the circumstances and efforts that should and must be made….I would really be greatful and appreciate if there is ANYONE who can give me an advice or direct me to the right organization, or give me a legal advice on the following: I had a thoroughbred mare SEEKING ROSE (IRE), she was pregnant, it was in July 2013. I trusted it to the stud farm, kept paying for the services i.e. taking care of her, although I kept seeing her every day. On July 28th,2013. I was given a phone call from a farm worker that my mare FELL INTO A DITCH, 4 metres deep…I received a call at 10:30 a.m., came half an hour later…she was lying there,exhausted, thursty, trying to get up…the point is the farm worker told me that that morning at around 06 a.m. when he came to see the mares, she got up, started to feel dizzy…stumbbling…and fell into a ditch…I asked WHY SHE WAS LEFT TO KEEP WALKING, WHY NO ONE TAKE HER AND STOPPED HER, AND CALLED A VET…Why they waited so long to phone and inform me…why NOTHING HAD BEEN DONE IMMEDIATELLY ? She was pulled out, don’t ask me how…God knows for how long she was lying into the whole…I was BEGGING them to call the vet…she was not hurt, she was trying to get up all the time, but obviously exhausted she had no strength…The vet DID NOT COME, the OWNER did not come, … SHE WAS NOT GIVEN ANY MEDICINE, ANY HELP, ANY CHANCE TO GET BETTER…SHE AND UNBORN FILLY DIED…The responsability has not even mentioned…I pressed charges but at the moment I do not know if my charges will be accepted and the stud farm prosecuted…I am asking WHAT CAN I DO, IS THERE ANY LEGAL ENTITY I CAN ADDRESS TO AND ANYONE WHO CAN HELP ME TO MAKE THEM PAY (IN ANY SENSE OF THE WORD) FOR THE NEGLIGENCE, LEAVING MY MARE AND A FOAL TO DIE….She was healthy mare, strong and valuable – to me and my family…regardless the money value…PLEASE, PLEASE, ADVISE ME, HELP ME…I AM ASKING FOR HELP WORLDWIDE… I still can not recover from her death….Obviously, from the story You published, EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE and I ADMIRE ALL OF YOU AND THE PEOPLE WHO SAVED THE HORSE. Respectfully, Gordana Sasenovic, from Belgrade, Serbia. The situation regarding horses here is unimaginably terrible, beyond your comprehension…so I shall do anything to change it….THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR TIME….