Herb ban should not affect equine use


New legislation designed to regulate the use of herbal medicines in humans should not impact equine use, despite the concerns of some readers who have contacted H&H.

An EU-wide ban came into force on 1 May and is designed to make illegal the supply of unlicensed medicines for humans, although the government has announced plans for a register to circumnavigate this.

And herbal vets and supplement manufacturers spoken to by H&H are not worried by the news.

“Our products are all licensed and we haven’t had any calls from worried customers,” said a spokesman for Dorwest Herbs, who produce herbal animal products in Dorset.

And a spokesman for supplement manufacturer Hilton Herbs added: “Fortunately, as things stand, this doesn’t apply to the equine population.”

This news story was first published in the current issue of Horse & Hound (19 May, 2011)

Originally published on horseandhound.co.uk