H&H blogger Jason Webb enjoyed a busy holiday in Texas with his family after taking part in the first Horseman’s Calling here in the UK

Following the news that Tripple X has been sold, we look at back at highlights of his career with Ben Maher in pictures


10-year ban for course builder guilty of neglecting 2 horses [VIDEO]

A woman whose bay stallion was put down after being found in a severely emaciated state was guilty of neglect *warning: contains pictures and video you may find upsetting*

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Social media helps locate abused horse

A horse that was seen being dragged behind a car is found uninjured within 10 hours of the police appealing for witnesses on Facebook

Jonathan"Jock"Paget feature 14.10.13

Jock Paget reacts to losing Burghley title

The New Zealand event rider has “welcomed” the partial tribunal ruling made by the FEI yesterday

A woman from Kent has been banned from keeping horses for 3 years and fined £8,000 after neglecting a young horse

An H&H feature on strangely marked horses drew one former owner’s attention to a pony she owned nearly two decades ago


Andrew Nicholson last to go at Badminton; Izzy Taylor is pathfinder

The news that Andrew Nicholson is the live contender in the Rolex Grand Slam adds extra spice to his late draw for Badminton

Jock Paget and Clifton Promise at Burghley 2013

Breaking news: Jock Paget officially disqualified as Burghley winner

Following a “partial decision” by the FEI tribunal, Jock’s Burghley win will no longer stand and Andrew Nicholson has been promoted to take the title

Andrew Nicholson and Quimbo on their lap of honour Rolex Kentucky three-day event. Photo by Nancy Jaffer

William Fox-Pitt and Andrew Nicholson set for Rolex Kentucky showdown [PICS]

With America’s only 4-star event starting tomorrow, H&H looks at the top contenders that will be vying to take the title