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Training your horseIf you are looking for training tips to improve you and your horse’s performance, then Horse & Hound is here to help. Our training area includes videos and written advice to help riders at all levels.

Whether you are a dressage rider looking to pick up those vital extra marks, a showjumper struggling with jump-offs or an eventer looking to eliminate those annoying time penalties on the cross-country, we have something for you.

We pick the brains of top riders and trainers across the disciplines to find those training gems that can make the difference between winning and being an also-ran. And there isn’t only advice for competitive riders, we also have advice on topics such as lungeing and coping with nerves which every horse owner can benefit from.

If you’re struggling with a training issue and can’t find anything to help when you search our site (use the magnifying glass top right to search), then let us know by email and your issue might become the topic of our next training feature.

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How straight do you sit on your horse?

A crooked rider at worst causes their horse back problems and even lameness. At best, they hinder his ability to do his job. Find what you can do to improve your straightness in day-to-day life