T.E.N. has launched a new supplement to support calm behaviour in mares

The new grass based products will benefit both your horse’s health and temperament.


Equimins launch new supplement to help keep horses guts healthy

Equimins has launched a new supplement to help horses maintain a healthy gut


Three new products launched by supplements company

Targeted Equine Nutrition (T.E.N) have added 3 new products to its line of supplements

activated_charcoal_ecopack_1kg copy

Activated Charcoal is now available from Equimins

The new charcoal can be used to help promote a calm digestive system

The leading feed supplier has launched a new balancer designed to help promote healthy joints

The limited edition menthol and eucalyptus flavoured Likit is now for sale

Gut Balancer

Nettex Gut Balancer designed to aid digestive health

A new digestive supplement, which the manufacturer claims “will keep the gut healthy and functioning at its best all year round”, is now available to horse owners

Pegasus Health No Moody No

New supplement to banish moody mare behaviour

A new supplement has been launched for the owners of moody horses, both mares and geldings

Liquid Garlic

New liquid garlic from KM Elite

KM Elite Products have released a new, highly concentrated liquid garlic solution