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Colic is one of the biggest equine killers, but new research is revealing vital clues about diagnosis and treatment

Touchwood Stud 10.3.11

Carole Mortimer’s sport horse comment: Making the kindest cut [H&H VIP]

Why are so many young colts kept entire? And why were the prices at the recent Brightwells auction so dismal? Carole Mortimer wonders whether breeders are delivering what buyers want and whether buyers need to readjust their price expectations for a decent sport horse

bug rug mask & drinking

How to deal with bothersome bugs this summer [H&H VIP]

An odd swelling, scratching or general soreness could be a sign that your horse has been bitten or stung. H&H outlines what to look for and the associated risks

MSJ open day

Blog: Why Britain needs an elite studbook

British breeders are now producing sport horses of the highest quality, but when they choose to register their foals with European studbooks, there is clearly something amiss

Can a horse recover from a fractured neck? Bruce Bladon MRCVS discusses the challenges of diagnosing and treating major spinal trauma

In her latest blog from the Equine Therapy Centre at Hartpury, Fizz introduces us to a couple of new inpatients


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We wouldn’t say no to one of these showjumpers for sale this week — scopey but careful jumpers, with the right attitude and a healthy dose of potential

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How to keep hooves healthy this summer [H&H VIP]

Hoof health is a top priority in the summer months, when cracks, splits and bruising can soon lead to soundness problems, so we find out how to survive the season

Devon County show May 2010

9 turnout tips for success in the showring

With savvy turnout techniques, you can make the most of your horse’s appearance and conformation — and boost your chances of success in the ring