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Tack theft

Yard security: 10 ways to thwart a thief

Thieves targeting livery yards are going for a quick fix — items that can be stolen then sold on easily. So how can you protect your premises?

Katie Owens & GDH Skyfall (338) - Dobson & Horrell Novice Restricted Championship - LeMieux National Dressage Championships 2014 - Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire, United Kingdom - 19/09/2014 © Jon Stroud Media 2014, all rights reserved

How to buy your perfect dressage horse

If you're in the market for a dressage horse, get eight expert tips to help you choose the horse that's right for you, rather than an expensive mistake

laminitis 1

The latest essential news on laminitis [H&H VIP]

Stem cells, muscle relaxants and screw-on wooden shoes are emerging as possibilities in the global quest to find treatments for — and causes of — this frequently devastating disease