Is the old horse breeding saying - 'fools breed for wise men to buy' - true? Well in many cases it is more expensive to breed and raise your own horse from birth to 4 years, than to buy an unbroken 4-year-old, but there are always exceptions and home-breds can be very rewarding

Why are so many young colts kept entire? And why were the prices at the recent Brightwells auction so dismal? Carole Mortimer wonders whether breeders are delivering what buyers want and whether buyers need to readjust their price expectations for a decent sport horse

British breeders are now producing sport horses of the highest quality, but when they choose to register their foals with European studbooks, there is clearly something amiss

Irish sport horse mare and foal

Managing the young horse for a sound future [H&H VIP]

Jane Nixon MRCVS explores the physical issues as young horses develop the foundations for future health and soundness

Badminton Horse Trials 11 05 2014Show Jumping

Gelded 4-star eventer sires filly foal

A “one-off” foal has been born, sired by a now-gelded 4-star event horse using frozen semen

Maria Eilberg - Woodlander Wavavoom

Young British rider lands the ride on Wavavoom [H&H VIP]

A British Young Rider Dressage Scheme member has landed the ride on Woodlander Stud’s Wavavoom

Two foals bred in Britain by Mount St John Stud have joined the World number 1 dressage rider’s arsenal of horse power

Carole Mortimer explores the complexities of event horse breeding and highlights the influence and prevalence of out-and-out showjumping blood in most of the top placed horses at Badminton 2014

Frozen semen

Gelding passes SHB (GB) stallion grading

The jury remains out on whether a gelding, that had semen frozen while still entire, should be allowed to be graded to a stud book

Cancelled British postage stamps

Carole Mortimer: Don’t keep horses on postage stamps of land [H&H VIP]

Read Carole Mortimer’s punchy views on why horses should not be raised or kept on small patches of land where they can’t roam or stretch their legs sufficiently

Meet gorgeous foals of 2014: in pictures

Wobbly lambs might be dominating fields around the country. But this time of year also sees the arrival of offspring a whole lot more wobbly, limbier, flufffier, unquestionably cuter — and with exciting potential