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    Default End of life- nfsco

    Wasn't sure how to word this thread but this may be useful info for someone

    I had to use this service last week, I have been using the same people for years but of late have been hearing stories that didn't bode too well with me so didn't want to risk using them again,
    so although I knew all about nfsco I have never joined it prior to a few weeks ago, I can't fault the service I was given, they send you a whole list of people who operate within your area, some who I have never heard of, you choose who you want and how you want to proceed, nfsco will take the money from my a/c at a set time of the month and the person I chose arrived on time and were incredibly professional, it costs nothing to join but I am just so glad I joined prior to even needing it

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    Default Re: End of life- nfsco

    That's an interesting site. I can read through it right now because (touches wood, crosses fingers) I don't need them - so its probably the best time to join and then file away in the 'i hope I don't need you for ages' category.

    Very sorry you had to make use of their services though - but good to hear they were professional. The last thing you want at a stressful time is anyone making it more stressful.

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    Default Re: End of life- nfsco

    an interesting system, worth a look at imo. We are fortunate in that we have a very good local service (was a horse slaughter place in the past, now a "pet crematorium") efficient and professional. I have their number in my phone and have passed it on to others at times. I hope not to have to make contact with them for a while, but have used them twice in the last six months
    Good luck, we all need it!
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