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    Default Could someone give me some (lots!) of advice please!

    Also posted in TR but realised I will probably get more help here!

    Mainly asking if you think it's a good idea or not and if so what i need to think about - complete newcomer here!

    I'm considering breeding from my Mare.

    Horse - She's rising 6, ISH. Nice sort, nicely bred with exceptional temperament. She's not a big mare, about 16 hands but quite fine. Id like to breed something slightly bigger and with a bit more bone but still with plenty of blood to event.

    Me - Experienced rider and have other youngsters but don't have a clue about breeding. Keep them at home. We have 4 small paddocks about an acre each and 3 boxes included one 14x12 which i thought would be ok for a foaling box. Have 2 other horses and a shetty at the moment (although hoping to sell on at least one of the others this summer).

    I had planned to do some eventing with her until around the end of June but would this be too late? What are the risks of competing at the same time as AI? Do people do this? What would be the average sort of vets costs you are looking at for AI, all being well?

    I had thought about using one of the Cruising clones. Any thoughts on that? I'm not sure on the clone part and also a little worried that Cruising horses can be a bit tricky but I've had one and loved him so I guess that's what I'm aiming for. Any recommendations on other stallions? Would rather keep it Irish but otherwise quite open minded on size / chunkiness.

    How labour intensive / expensive it is to keep a pregnant mare / foal? I'm quite a busy person but do have backup although i don't want to get involved with something i may later regret!

    Any help on any of the above would be great!!

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    Default Re: Could someone give me some (lots!) of advice please!

    Things to factor in
    - The experience of your vets with AI. My mare goes to stud to be inseminated as they have the time and excperience to time it just right. It's an extra up front cost but probably cheaper in the long run due to saving on vets fees for unsucessful attempts
    - Cost of sending away to stud to foal vs staying at home and sacrificing all hopes of sleep, going to work and having a life around foaling time
    - The foal needing a weaning companion/ another youngster to grow up with, preferably out in a herd. Can you provide that or will you need to pay for it to go away for a few years?
    - How saleable will the foal be if it doesn't end up what you want/ you can't keep it? I think many would be put off having a clone offspring

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    Default Re: Could someone give me some (lots!) of advice please!

    It cost 1200 to get my mare in foal in 2010, and she took first time. The stallion fee was 500, the rest was a single AI package at my very good repro vets (Nantwich vets) plus a 3 week livery stay there, all scans and the pinching out of a twin.

    Defo go for experienced repro vets.

    The hidden costs soon mount up. For eg, I couriered the freshly collected chilled semen directly myself from Twemlows to save transport costs, but was surprised to be charged a 100 'collection' fee for it, I had assumed that the stallion owner would have had to pay for all that side of things.
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    Default Re: Could someone give me some (lots!) of advice please!

    Stallion choice aside I think you would be daft to leave it until June to start trying.
    IF you are going to do it you would be better to send her to stud now, get her to heartbeat scan and then start picking up her fitness and event last half of season.

    I bred mine 3 years ago, she literally went from the winter nationals straight to stud. I was very lucky, she took first cycle AI. It probably cost around 600ish in Vets fees all in to get to heartbeat. So pre-stud check/swabs, an AI cycle, 3 flushes, 3 pregnancy scans (she was a twin risk), caslisk, livery for 10 days, semen shipping.

    I was back in the saddle by June and rode through to October


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